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Powerful Self-healing and Calming Technique

We all know that negative emotions gradually destroy us, and positive ones heal. This simple technique will make you always feel good and gradually restore your health. The technique consists of three easy but very powerful steps that are able to transform your subconscious!

Step One:

Whenever you feel bad ask yourself:

What negative emotions are bothering me now?

Second step:

Take a look at our list and determine exactly what negative emotions have got you through.

Be honest with yourself.

Then look in the list of positive emotions and select appropriate positive emotions.

Lastly, always add LOVE as it is the strongest and most healing emotion.

Step Three (Example):

Say within yourself:

I transform the emotion of anxiety into the emotion of calm, tenderness and love.

Repeat this repeatedly until you feel that you have calmed down and your anxiety is gone.

Initially, until you have mastered the technique, you need to repeat this sentence several times. Later, once you get used to it, it will be enough to say it only once.

Do so every time negative emotions overwhelm you, no matter what caused them. You will feel better, checked !!!

Most often negative emotions

Envy. Anger, anger. Lust, lust. Greed. Pique. Dejection. Irritation-irritability. Excessive satisfaction with yourself. Vanity, vanity. Impatience. Disbelief. Confusion. Concerns. Exclusiveness. Egoism. Reluctance (when doing something against your will). Horror. Overconfidence. Uncertainty. Tension. Anxiety. Bitterness. Selfishness. Stubbornness. Dissatisfaction. Denial. Despair. Bustle. Too much sadness. Self-pity. Gluttony. Fear. Malice. Certain satisfaction. Cruelty. Condemning someone. Arrogance. Scorn. Ignoring. Derision. Pride. Hatred. Shame. Fault. Distrust. Disagreement. Disappointment. Too much ambition. Illusions. Roughness. Ignorance.

Common positive emotions:

Enthusiasm, flight. Ecstasy, ecstasy. Satisfaction. Joy. Enthusiasm. Tenderness. Determination. Calm, relaxed. Interest. Kindness, courtesy, pleasant speech. Compassion. Truthfulness. Humility, meekness. Reflection, thinking. Disciplined. Persistence. Nobility. Sacrifice. Gratitude. Patience. Confidence. Respect. Calmness. Faith. Hope. Love. Fearlessness. Purification of existence. Nurturing spiritual knowledge. Self-control. The tendency for simplicity. Nonviolence. Repulsiveness to fault finding. Gentleness. Modesty. Hustle. Forgiveness. Compassion. Bravery.

Problems and their emotional causes:

  • Alcoholism – insecurity, dissatisfaction
  • Arthritis, gout – insecurity, guilt, anger, anger
  • Asthma – fear
  • Insomnia – fear, guilt, distrust
  • Eye diseases – anger, frustration
  • Glaucoma – insult, resentment.
  • Ulcer – fear
  • Tooth disease – indecision
  • Leg diseases – fear, resentment
  • Liver and bile diseases – chronic anger, resentment, irritability
  • Kidney Disease – Disillusionment, Guilt, Fear, Anger, Faintness
  • Back disease – guilt, fear
  • Knee diseases – pride, fear, exclusivity
  • Wounds, ulcers – hidden anger
  • Bronchitis – resentment, anger
  • Overweight – fear, uncertainty
  • Gastritis – fear, voracity, resentment
  • Hepatitis – fear, anger, hatred
  • Herpes – feeling guilty
  • Ear diseases – resentment, anger, stubbornness
  • Manure, inflammation – guilt
  • Hemorrhoids – guilt, fear, anger
  • Headache – fear, dissatisfaction
  • Depression – anger, despondency
  • Diarrhea – fear
  • Dysentery – fear, anger intense
  • Constipation – reluctance
  • Heartburn – fear
  • Impotence, frigidity – fear, insult, guilt, anger
  • Infections – anger, disappointment
  • Laryngitis – Sore throat – Fear, anger
  • Migraine – discontent, fear
  • Poor digestion – fear, horror
  • Tumors – insult, guilt, anger, too much sadness, stubbornness, hatred
  • Pancreatitis – anger and resentment
  • Paralysis – fear, horror
  • Pneumonia (pneumonia) – despair
  • Gout – impatience, irritability, anger
  • Loss of appetite – insecurity, fear
  • Acne – discontent
  • Psoriasis – skin diseases – fear, insecurity
  • Heart disease – fear, worry, exclusion, anger, insults
  • Varicose veins – dissatisfaction, fear
  • Cramps – Fear
  • Tachycardia and the heart – fear
  • Angina – tonsillitis – fear, resentment
  • Nausea – fear
  • Thyroid disease – insult, insecurity, resentment, anger
  • Phlebitis, vein inflammation – anger and resentment
  • Enuresis – fear, uncertainty
  • Diabetes – insults, too much sadness
  • Atherosclerosis – dissatisfaction, stubbornness
  • Insomnia – fear, guilt, confusion
  • Neuralgia – guilt, resentment

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