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Boris Johnson – The Fate of Brexit And Belief In Astrology!

Boris Johnson was born in New York on 19 June 1964 and was named Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. Although the exact timing of the birth at 2 p.m., the moon confirms it in the sign of a sexually obsessive scorpion, which vividly shows Boris’s life marked by tumultuous and complicated love relationships with Allegra, Marin and Wheeler, the women of his life. Scorpio is a sign long associated with turbulent marriages, sex and the passion for money. From May 2020 onwards, there will be a lot of confrontation with former mistresses, and political partners in the life of Boris Johnson, because much of what he did towards them will come at a premium.

Believing in the influence of astrology on politics, Johnson confirmed himself in 2006, before becoming mayor of London, when he wrote the book THE DREAM OF ROME, stating that the Roman emperor Augustus’ astrological sign was also his lucky sign. Belief in esoteric knowledge is evident in his press conferences, where on the round part of his counter we see a bald eagle holding Zeus’ lightning, the equivalent of Jupiter’s planetary influence.

Boris Johnson has been named the new Prime Minister with Jupiter on the 15 Degree of Sagittarius, at Midheaven above London on the 15 Degree of Cancer.

Johnson is the only British prime minister to ever write a book that revolves around signs of the zodiac and planetary archetypes, coming to power as Jupiter himself, in the sign of international relations, a Sagittarius.

The new British Prime Minister was born with Jupiter on a 15 degree of Taurus opposite of Neptune on a 15 degree Scorpio, which makes it logical that he chose Jupiter’s bird Eagle, for his trademark.

Johnson was born with the ascendant in Libra, and we know that the former British prime ministers, David Cameron, Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May had the sun in Libra. Libra mistakenly associated with love, peace and partnerships of all kinds, while the sign actually symbolizes the struggle and duels in the interests of justice, fairness and equality. Boris looks like a man who is engaged in duels: a lover and a fighter.

Government reconstruction in August

Under the influence of Mercury retrograde, Boris Johnson plans to reshuffle the cabinet and the ministerial team. We can expect a chaotic situation in this regard in the first half of August. There will be frequent setbacks, frequent attempts at hacking the Downing Street office, announcing unjustified moves, and tapping the phone until August 15, 2019.

The fate of Brexit

25 September 2019 will be crucial for reaching an agreement regarding Brexit, because we find Mercury in 17 degrees of Libra, Jupiter at 17 degrees of Sagittarius and Neptune near 16 degrees of Pisces, remaining issues related to the fishing industry, fishing and fish relations with France on this point. There will be conflict between the UK and France on this issue. Problems include not only fishing rights, but also the traffic of ferries, water taxis, sea planes and private jets between the two countries.

Changes for the UK

The protection of Jupiter for the United Kingdom loses from 6 May 2020 until 18 January 2022, when the nation will be called to account for past relations with Europe, the United States and the Commonwealth. Everything that nation owes to the them will have to be returned. The fate of Boris Johnson is connected to these processes, which will require him to assemble quality teams rather than favoring a personal media presence. 2021 is changing everything for Britain. A cycle unseen for 240 years begins, as Pluto approaches the sign of the Aquarius, with Jupiter and Saturn also in the sign of the Aquarius, around Christmas 2021.

The British party system will undergo a radical transformation

The victorious government, or multi-party government, which has been around since December 2020, will be composed not only of representatives of the LABOUR or the CONSERVATIVE party, but also of a whole range of politically and racially diverse Britons, from all backgrounds, ages and points of view, united in an unusual hybrid of Liberal Democrats and conservatives. In any case, the classic two-sided system will no longer be in the UK. One of the key issues that will unite that government will be the commitment to address the climate crisis (Neptune in Pisces, predicts the continuing problem of UK floods and rising sea levels) because of which the UK will cooperate with other governments.

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