5 Common Manipulator Phrases That Can Drive Anyone Crazy!

5 Common Manipulator Phrases That Can Drive Anyone Crazy!

Jackson Mackenzie, a man who helps victims of communication with psychopaths and manipulators, summarizes five common phrases you’ll hear from a psychopath trying to make you doubt your common sense:

You overemphasize everything!

Of course, we all sometimes attach too much importance to the little things. However, with the manipulators, it turns out that you are in fact always right. Manipulators will intentionally do things that will make you feel paranoid. For example, flirt with his/her’s ex obviously in front of everyone and then say that you imagined and that you shouldn’t make a mountain out of a molehill. A month later, it will turn out that he cheated on you with that person.

The goal of the manipulator is to make you doubt your intuition and make you feel like a devilish detective. They will constantly cast doubt on you to make you feel anxious, and then they will accuse you of that.

I hate drama!

You will quickly discover that dramas are constantly taking place around the manipulator. First, they glorify your wonderful character, but soon they get tired of it. Manipulators are pathological liars, cheaters, serial crooks and eternal victims. The manipulators deliberately evaluate the provocation, and when you react, they accuse you of making drama, which they hate. You will feel guilty for reacting to their disgusting behaviors.

You are too sensitive!

The task of the manipulator is to provoke your emotions. First, they will glorify you, and sing praises, and then suddenly engage in fierce ignorance for no reason and await your reaction.

And when you respond, they accuse you of being too sensitive or demanding.
They will insult, belittle and criticize you (usually it will be through a joke, a challenge), pushing your personal boundaries until you get angry. They will say you’re crazy because of your reactions, even though it is perfectly clear the situation to them. Manipulators are capable of rendering a person helpless and insecure, they only need a little time.

You got me misunderstood!

Of course, every couple has misunderstandings and mistakes. But the manipulators intentionally rig the provocations. And when you respond, they turn everything upside down and blame you for misunderstanding it. They even often deny that they said something like that. This is called “gaslighting (psychic abuse)” – when they intentionally say or do something, and then blame the other for misunderstanding everything (or absolutely denying it, that what they said or did ever happen).

In fact, you have a good understanding. They are just trying to make you doubt your common sense.

You’re drunk / jealous / crazy and so on

Labeling is the favorite manipulator (psychopath) instrument. According to their information, all their colleagues, ex-lovers, friends are either crazy, alcoholic, jealous and God knows what else. Don’t doubt that the label is ready for you already. And you will become just another person in an endless series of idealization and degradation, into which every misfortune gets in their way.
The only way to get out of these destructive relationships is to break all contacts.

Without any messages, calls, emails, and friendships on social networks. Otherwise, you can be sure that they will do everything possible and impossible to drive you crazy.

The good news is that if the manipulator (psychopath) tries to make you doubt your intuition, it means that it creates problems for him. Psychopaths seek to psychologically destroy anyone who may compromise their illusion of normality. So when they start playing “game” with you, consider it an indirect recognition of your ability to notice that something is wrong with them.

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