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SOUL Evolution – How the PLAN of your LIFE is made

In each incarnation you are a mix of three aspects of SOUL Evolution. The archetype of the soul is the eternal basis that remains unchanged from life to life. The plan of life, on the other hand, changes from life to life for the advancement of the soul. A plan for your life has been added to support a particular body with a specific personality designed to help you reach the goals of the plan for this life.

Here is a simple and at the same time complex truth about the SOUL Evolution: your soul has the comprehensive intention that transfers from one life to another.

A separate plan has been made for each life that expands and increases SOUL Evolution . The higher the bar of the SOUL Evolution ladder, the greater your right is to participate in planning your next life. At the same time, each incarnation becomes more complex and challenging. Just as in the sixth grade you are more capable than in the second to work independently on the development of increasingly complicated projects.

Imagine having a front row seat and being able to observe the planning of your upcoming life. Here’s what you might see.

In the spiritual world, the meeting is held in a place often called the “theater of choice”. Multiple screens show you the possibilities for the next incarnation. There are often three or four such screens with descriptions of possible bodies and life circumstances. One can portray a tall, shy Scandinavian; others a low Chinese woman who had been abused as a child; the third may depict you as an average-height white woman with cerebral palsy.

Spirit guides are always around to provide support and advice if needed. The less developed the soul, the more job for the guides, and vice versa. A serious supportive environment is also provided in which you meet one or more spiritual guides. These well-meaning teachers and counselors help you come up with a life plan for your upcoming incarnation. An older guide’s interview begins, and you work together on a script for your next life. You decide on the intentions that you will bring with you that will most help you move forward as a soul. You decide the opportunities that will arise for your SOUL Evolution.

Just keep in mind that you are loved all the time, supported, and provided with guidance. Every step you take, every decision you make, is viewed with unconditional love, but your guide team also encourages you to face obstacles for continuous evolution. You are never off track. You will be constantly offered a fork in the path of life in the form of challenges for the further SOUL Evolution.

Stop for a moment to think about one or two such points in your life, when you have had the opportunity to test your body-mind-spiritual abilities in a more stimulating way. I remember well the anxiety when I decided to quit my traditional psychotherapy practice and devote myself to my passion. Conducting spiritual regression, spreading the client’s opinion on this life to all lives.

During the Birth Planning Conference, you get to grips with unresolved issues from past lives. From their privileged position of providing them with greater wisdom, your guides could remind you of some life from the American Civil War when you owned the plantation. In that life, you kept a large number of slaves looking after your home, children and livestock, and one of those slaves saved the life of your three year old child who fell into a nearby creek. Burdened with guilt and shame for not being there to protect your child, you never paid tribute or at least thanked that slave for the rescue. Karmic debt was not paid and this led to an imbalance.

SOUL Evolution reached

In this hypothetical case, your spiritual guide team could strongly recommend that in the plan for the present life, be an older sister whose younger sister (the soul of that slave) does not hear well and need your love and compassion very much. The lesson for this life is to unlock your heart and look after your sister in the hope that she will open up to you. Your selfish pride and inflexibility have blocked deep relationships in many lives. Your sister’s soul carried with it great pain that also destroyed many lives. She never forgave you for not acknowledging her. Your sister in many relationships was deaf because she felt worthless and unrecognized. You can help each other, as sisters, with a strong mutual acceptance to heal what you have brought from your past life.

Similarly, your karmic baggage in numerous lives was to avoid having children for fear of losing them, either emotionally or literally. It may be the case in your present life that you feel a strong and inexplicable fear when your partner expresses a strong desire to become a parent. By discovering the reason for your reservation, the spirit code is activated to unlock the “steel door”.
Now, let’s examine the principle that energetically retains the unresolved circumstances of past lives in the memory code of the soul. We carry those traumas and emotions associated with them until we reach a point in our present lives when we are ready to release and erase the energy that is stuck in our soul consciousness.

My clients who work on soul regression often discover the conformation in past lives. The conformation, for example, refers to being repeatedly abandoned by one parent, whether physically or emotionally. In the soul’s memory code, perhaps we hold tight to the feeling that we have been the victim, which follows. If we can release and erase the hurt and anger associated with it, we will be able to release emotional anxiety and balance the energy that hurts us. In this way, we enable the SOUL Evolution to realize intentions from the plan for our life in this circle.

This process never affects free will. In each life, we can choose whether to go through the SOUL Evolution quickly or slowly. Advanced disembodied beings, who are always on our side, give us the freedom to skip two steps at a time or to go slowly and gradually, one by one. As souls in bodies, we often put unnecessary pressure on ourselves because we feel that we are not developing fast enough, that we are not perfect. Our guides are kinder, encouraging us all the time to step into the “two foot” learning lab.

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