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What Happens After Love Stop Or Disappears?

What happens after love stop or disappears, and is it possible anything so big, beautiful and sublime, something that we have incorporated much of our positive energy into, disappear at all?

The laws of physics deny this possibility, because energy cannot disappear, it merely changes its form, place of existence and mode of action.

People can leave their hometown, their jobs, friends, family, and whatever they once had or created and now they no longer need or it burdens them. But can love really be abandoned?And if so, what about the energies of abandoned love, where do they go after we give up on them and leave them to loneliness and oblivion. Do they disappear there? Since love is a being in an energetic form, it cannot disappear, but simply change its shape and structure under the influence of new circumstances and conditions.

How is it then manifested to those who made that love and invested their energies into it? This is where we come to different insights, depending on our relationship to abandoned love.

Rarely does abandonment occur in peace and balance on both sides, because then it would mean that a transformation has already been made and that it is not a matter of abandonment at all. Since it is most often a sudden turn of the wheel of life in an instant moment, when we find ourselves in an unknown space that we do not even know the name of, and how long we will stay there depends on the ability of each individual to recognize, accept and go through a new situation.

All of us used to be abandoned or abandoned and experienced some more or less difficult lessons from these processes. They have guided us through life and marked some stages.

It is easier for the one who “leaves” or leaves at the first moment because he feels liberated from what he no longer wants and voluntarily transfers the energy of love to another space without thinking about it because he no longer needs it. We seemingly exit this process simply, until the moment when the energy of abandoned love returns to another form and asks us to take over what we once created and what belongs to us. This discarded energy is then significantly different, but it has the same intensity and we must finally absorb it to reach our own equilibrium.

One who is still “trapped” in the maze of emotions is initially much more difficult, because he / she does not see the way out and encounters many issues, dilemmas, difficult feelings and emotional weariness in a continuous mental wander. It seems to him that this swirl of energy of abandoned love is constantly sucking and pulling him to the bottom and he doesn’t know how to get out of it.

It is important to stay afloat, calm the field of strong oscillation of our thoughts, and then begin to transform this energy.

Everything that we have created and that contains our energy belongs to us. So is it with abandoned love. And instead of feeling sorry for ourselves and the circumstances of our lives, we should enter into the process of transformation and re-taking of this energy, returning it to ourselves. It is important to know only the part that belongs only to us, and to leave everything that we are not and that belongs to someone else. When we succeed, our love is always with us and lives unconditionally and with a full sense of freedom in a boundless space for growth.

Love should not be abandoned just because it is connected to someone else who is no longer on the same vibration. In peace of mind, one should approach this energy vortex that has been created along with someone, to transform energy, open our hearts, and take what belongs to us.

Does that mean we still bond with someone who doesn’t care about us?

No, it just means that we love ourselves enough not to give up on what we have created, regardless of others’ perceptions of it.

We, from “abandoned love”, take the part that belongs to us and return it to our integral being. Re-empowered with this love, we become aware of our own being and the importance of loving ourselves.

We no longer feel the pain of loss, because there isn’t any.

All our love is with us. We can move forward, without bitterness and fear of an open heart, to meet some other energies that will build some new love with us.

To those with whom we were once connected with this energy, we give complete “freedom” from our energy body and let them transform their energy of abandoned love into some other form.

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