What Is Happening To Me? The Great Transition Of Indigo Adults Into Crystalline!

What Is Happening To Me? The Great Transition Of Indigo Adults Into Crystalline Ones

What’s going on? Are you turning into some kind of eccentric freak or some villain? No, you are already transitioning from the indigo phase to the octarine / crystalline phase. You went through all the temptations and problems of life, you had your troubles and experiences which you learned from, you built your personality and confidence. The time has come to commit to your true life mission.

It starts with some vague feeling that something is not “okay”. The sounds somehow get louder, you start to avoid the candles you used to love so much because the scents have gotten too intense. Shopping malls, once relaxing places, have suddenly become like the ninth circle of hell, as have many other public places. The hustle and bustle no longer excite or attract you, just the opposite. The feeling of “already seen” completely overcomes you and nothing else can truly excite you.

Your interests are changing, you are moving away from certain people, some friendships are being lost. Your home becomes your temple and your solitude is sacred. You might even break the relationship to achieve this loneliness, but you still don’t feel lonely. TV and radio are mostly turned off and popular music is starting to sound empty. All of a sudden, you no longer have any moral issues telling loud and hard-working people where to handle them. You become known for mood swings. Sounds like menopause, but it’s not.

You experience periods of complete creativity and periods of complete laziness and indolence. Food becomes a challenge: what you used to love, now hate, and processed foods suddenly seem toxic or at least your body believes so, judging by your reactions. You may get weird skin rashes, develop allergic reactions to substances you haven’t had before, get “bouts” of afternoon sleep, or it just starts to swirl in your head.

You begin to believe that you have become a walking collection of mysterious pain, cramps, itching and similar medical conditions. Sleep becomes irregular, with intense dreams, especially if you have had an alcoholic drink before bed. Your sex drive begins to vary, and visits to your doctor generally reveal nothing.

Religion no longer satisfies you even if you are a loyal believer, Mass and other rituals suddenly become empty, even though you have been attending them for years.

If you have had any spiritual contacts so far, this relationship suddenly seems different, or the way you previously got into relationships changes. With a little effort, you may find that you now have a quality “constant connection” with the Spirit, and the spiritual things that you have struggled so far to master, including some types of meditation, all of a sudden become so simple.

And best of all, the quality of your spiritual connection becomes somehow “true” without the usual “noise” you have had to wade through. You may find yourself changing your bulbs more often than before, or you may be upset by the sudden malfunction of your favorite electronic gadget. Computers suddenly change their “attitude” towards you, either freeze you or love you, and sensitive electronic equipment begins to behave strangely near you. Young children and animals may react aggressively to your presence, so you may need to change your attitude towards pets.

What’s going on? Are you turning into some kind of eccentric freak or some villain? No, you are already transitioning from the indigo phase to the octarine / crystalline phase. You went through all the temptations and problems of life, you had your troubles and experiences from which you learned, you built your personality and confidence. Now is the time to commit to your true life mission.

Indigo life can sometimes be indescribably difficult, given this person’s innate eccentricity and sensitivity.

It is much more difficult for today’s children compared to those 30-50 years ago, as they are more closely watched and are much more likely to be diagnosed with a behavioral disorder. Eccentricity, independence and spirituality in today’s children are not culturally accepted traits, and the intolerant environment they come to certainly only makes it difficult for them to function with their innate conflicts.

Whether an indigo child spends his/her childhood without medication, and without being diagnosed with any syndrome such as ADHD, autism or worse, can be considered extremely fortunate. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the latest Indigo children have become victim to this catastrophe, which means that even the more sensitive beings who should come after them are even less likely to survive. Thus, much of the burden in the transition to the octarine / crystalline phase is shifted from those unborn to those living.

Humanity is undergoing major changes, and it is the spiritually sensitive people who must help catalyze these changes and serve as role models for the rest of the population. Clearly, if one was born a crystalline child, that is not the solution itself. In fact, it only creates more problems than a sudden autism epidemic in some children. So, things went the other direction.

Adult Indigo people therefore receive a “promotion” to Crystals (or more specifically Octarines) to jump into their place. Some of them will have crystalline children who will continue their work. But because of the toxicity of both the human environment and the natural environment, the percentage of crystalline children surviving is much smaller than it should be, and therefore there has been a change in plans. Many crystalline children who are conceived do not survive until birth. And some get parents who are unable to care for them.

And those who are able to get decent parents have to grow up in a polluted environment, and often they are taken to small public places, which is why they abruptly withdraw from themselves because they cannot handle so much external stimuli.

Even for adults who have built effective dams against rougher elements from their environment, this change is very difficult. Even they, otherwise social, become almost “hermits,” and they, ashamed, virtually disappear. It is extremely important for anyone who undergoes this difficult change to restructure their lives carefully in order to inherit the Gifts that come as part of the Crystal Arsenal.

The mess suddenly becomes toxic. People are tiring. I hate the phone, but I love the internet. I avoid shops during the holidays. I don’t go to crowds or loud places anymore. I started shopping through the mail and various catalogs. I spend my free time mostly in silence. But there are some positives as well: I suddenly became an inexhaustible source of words, ideas, suggestions, and spiritual charisma.

I never saw myself as a leader, but suddenly I became just that. But not the traditional kind, but more like some shadow leader whose followers say “we have achieved it” and they are, but with the seemingly invisible guidance of the Quiet Leader.

And those words! Those born as Indigo have a mind sharpened to an unimaginable scale, capable of surgically cutting down a bad idea and making it a good idea, or spontaneously throwing a whole room full of people into uncontrollable laughter. Written or oral, the words of the newly constructed Crystal Octarine are full of deeper meaning, will, and true spiritual grandeur. With the Octarine at their disposal, crystalline have a way of applying their extreme sensitivity to the great things of healing, radiesthesia, creating or closing energy wells, protecting against negative energies, exposing charlatans or negative people, discerning the truth from lies, and more.

With their adult experiences and fully developed Indigo abilities, the “newly assembled” Octarins / Crystals are magnificent beings. They are able to retaliate if attacked, so it is not advisable to resent such persons. They will most likely “boil” you before any problems occur, and then either heal you from your negative energies or block you in such a way that you won’t be able to hurt them. If this person is your friend, keep it and respect it. If you managed to make such a person your enemy, you would be ashamed.

Adult Crystalline / Octarines have access to more “time spirals” than just one, which makes them clairvoyant.

This ability to see beyond ordinary people down a spiral allows them to avoid a sequence of events leading to unintended consequences in the future. It is because of this ability that they are a very important ally in the current transformation of humanity.

However, this gift can often be frightening, because this vision of the future is often manifested through dreams; the night ones as well as the day ones. The dreams of crystalline can be scarier than the scariest horror and horror movies, as they often show the extreme consequences of the slightest mistake. Crystals work to avoid these consequences in a particular situation, all subtly set in the way of an impending disaster, yet another avoided by the hair. Pure chaos theory.

This gift of spiritual and temporal clairvoyance can be quite frustrating for the family and the people around this newly built crystalline being. They may withdraw from longer contact or simply close in those parts of their personality where they were more accessible. Their need for isolation and privacy can reduce or even break some relationships.

This need for solitude and leisurely contact with people is not a sign of shallowness, although it may sometimes seem so. This is, in fact, their way of preserving precisely these bonds, because they prevent their Gift from penetrating them. Because part of that gift, to see further into the future, is to see the events in the lives of the people they live and work with. These include their illnesses, accidents and even death. If an adult Octarine gives you health advice, listen to it. But they will rarely do it, and you don’t ask for it.

The increased sensitivity of adult Octarines may also mean the end of some of the social activities they have previously enjoyed. Concerts, cinemas and various outings can become a past. They will become significantly more sensitive to food and the way it is prepared. For me personally, this change was manifested through a desire to prepare my own food instead of ordering it, eating at a restaurant or buying it as a finished product.

I rediscovered the pleasure of planning, preparing and consuming food at home. Some habits will change drastically. It’s best to always listen to your body, because it knows best what it needs. If it wants chocolate, give chocolate.

Physical health can become strange during this change, and perhaps after. Your immune system will be stronger than ever, but you can suddenly become hypersensitive or even allergic to things that didn’t bother you before. And some ex-allergies will disappear forever. Balance is needed.

Use your senses to discover the problem and eliminate it from your environment. Avoiding commercial cleaners you can achieve great results with simple classic cleaners such as vinegar, baking soda and plain soap. Rub the cutlery with ash. Remove odors, or get an ionizing air freshener to disintegrate odors.

Apply homeopathic and natural solutions to your health problems. Quit smoking (if you smoke) and control your alcohol consumption. If you were consuming any drugs at a young age, and the difficulties of this transition make you tempted to return them, don’t. It will kill you in a very gruesome way. Even “recreational” drug use should be stopped immediately, as your body and mind have changed radically. Light exercise even just walking is very useful in maintaining your health. Make sure you check with your doctor regularly.

For women, your sensitivity will be greatly enhanced, so pregnancy could be very painful physically and mentally. And your senses will also be amplified, so that the temptations and difficulties of raising a baby can be difficult for you. This does not mean that you must not have children. But it will be a much harder and more difficult experience for you than for others, and you will probably be limited to one. And it will be Indigo, so watch out.

Finding your true Octarine / Crystal core can be difficult at times, but in the end, it offers great rewards that are absolutely unimaginable to the ignorant. It’s as if you’ve suddenly grown a full meter in height, or as if you’ve been given the ability to see colors in an otherwise black and white world, or as if you’ve heard notes and chords for the first time since you’ve always been deaf. Your life will change radically, but then, as you get used to that change, you will wonder how you could have lived before it.

You will quietly use the newly acquired Gifts in the service of all mankind, to help find it’s way to wakefulness. You will not seek any reward, but you will find pleasure in the fact that you are part of a great wave of the Awakening Light that passes the world.

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