The Healing Power Of Skirts: Why Is It So Important For Femininity?

The Healing Power Of Skirts: Why Is It So Important For Femininity?

The skirt is a true feminine decoration!
The skirt has been regarded as a major attribute of femininity since forever. And the reason is not just in the beauty of such clothing.
Experts in energy practices believe that when a woman wears a skirt, she begins to accumulate the inexhaustible energy of femininity. Therefore, the skirt has a certain sacral meaning for each female representative.

In the old days, women only wore dresses and skirts. And this fashion was in all nations. ​For example, for Slovenian women, the basic attire was a sundress, Indian women wore long wide sari, and Japanese women wore kimono on their bodies. As we can see, the clothes of all women did not assume the construction of pants at all.

Earlier, humans felt more subtle their connection to the forces of nature. And everyone was aware that women were different from men not only in terms of physical parameters. People of different genders have different energies. Men are projected to draw energy from space. And women mostly took energy from Earth.

When referring to such terms as love, sensitivity, care, mercy, tenderness, of course, we immediately relate them to a woman. The design of each skirt is such that it forms an extension downwards, a cone. Such a skirt model was not invented by accident.

Such a cone was believed to help a woman better absorb the energy and power of the Earth to become more fertile and materially richer. The energy of a woman, if we speak of a physical body, accumulates in a separate organ – the womb. Men by nature have no such organ. In energy terms, for a man to get the energy of the earth, he has to take it from a woman.

When a woman puts on her pants, she literally covers the connection with Earth. The movement of energy stops and the womb’s sacred vessel in the shape of the womb remains empty. As a result, the woman has nothing to share with the man.

Female energy is important for men. It makes them calmer, more balanced and more stable. If a man has access to women’s energy, he will always want to engage in creative work. When a man is deprived of feminine affection and love, he becomes aggressive, rude and cruel.

There are many women who do not wear skirts at all. They only wear pants or jeans. From an energy point of view, the woman then strengthens and nurtures her spirit in a foreign way, that is, the male one. As a result, a woman interacts with a man as if she were a man by nature. On the subtle plane this is manifested so that the energy exchange is disturbed. This can be reflected in the physical plane in the form of various illnesses, misunderstandings and quarrels in relationships.

Women justifying wearing pants by saying that such clothing is very appropriate, stylish, practical and fashionable. Of course, it is much easier for a woman in jeans to work, jobs that were originally considered masculine, for example, to carry a load, move quickly and ably, etc. In relation to pants, a skirt or dress acts as a natural brake. And there is great good for the woman, bringing her peace and harmony. A real woman doesn’t even think about doing hard work, carrying a load, or going somewhere fast. She will wait for a man for this, who, like a real knight, will not refuse to help her.

By wearing beautiful skirts or dresses every day, every woman can feel how quickly her mood and condition change. A huge and very familiar energy begins to awaken in woman. And of course, men’s looks will always focus on women in skirts and dresses.

Even if they are super stylish, women’s pants should only be worn on exceptional occasions.

The length and shape of the skirt also matter. It was previously believed that a woman’s skirt or dress should be as long as possible, as they say today, to the floor. This made it easier for a woman to absorb and store the energy of the Earth. If the skirt has a wide edge that swings in movement and little curls, torsion fields begin to occur, which are destined to strengthen the energy of the Earth. The edge of the skirt has long been considered some circle-amulet. Such amulets are designed to create protection for women’s sexual centers. The health of women’s reproductive organs and their proper functioning depend directly on the proper functioning of these centers.

The image of a woman in a long skirt is always reminiscent of chastity, innocence and purity. A long skirt saves a woman from lustful glances. And this is very important. Such bad views are similar to the evil eye, they can make a hole in the lower energy centers.

If that happens, then the woman simply loses her sexual energy. Along with it goes the life force and feminine attraction. As a result, it follows energy impoverishment of women. She can give nothing more to her man, so he loses interest in her. Today, many women wonder where the real men went, like the Russian heroes. But think, how can they appear if women ceased to be so in the full meaning of the term?

Women deliberately give up their femininity, wearing pants and other menswear. Fortunately, the fashion in recent years is such that it gives women a chance to return to primeval women’s clothing, to feed on the power of the land and to illuminate their beloved man with feminine. Therefore, from today, wear skirt as much as you can and make yourself feel like a real woman!

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