Negative Information Affects Our Loved Ones - Even When We Are Silent!

Negative Information Affects Our Loved Ones – Even When We Are Silent!

There was a doctor at the military medical department, an elderly lady. She worked at a children’s hospital all her life. And she told a very interesting thing.

Her children have had all the children’s infectious diseases, even though she is a doctor. And in general – they were constantly catching some viruses and bacteria, so she was constantly treating them. Although they were strong children, active, cheerful, well-fed. Of course, the doctor took safety measures, respected sanitary and hygiene measures.

As soon as she came home, she would immediately shower, put almost sterile household clothes on, washed her hands constantly – but the children would pick up exactly the diseases she treated for the young patients in the hospital. And they would get sick right away if she had a particularly difficult and uncomfortable case at work.

Neither the vitamins helped boost children’s immunity, so the mother doctor despaired. She even thought of taking her children to Moscow – there wasn’t a special laboratory equipped with good immunity research equipment in the hospital where she worked.

Once, this mother-doctor got very tired at work. She had a difficult case. And so afraid to go straight home, she imagined that the kids would get sick again … She went to the movies, watched an adventure movie with Indiana Jones. After the movie, with a sense of guilt and excitement at the same time, she came home.

The children did not get sick. They were jumping and cheering, as healthy children should be. Then, after work this mother went to visit her friend, where she drank tea with cookies and talked, laughing at a funny anecdote. Again – the kids stayed healthy. And then, this smart woman got used to not going straight home from work, though she would be terribly tired and there was a lot of work waiting for her.

She started walking through the beautiful park, where there were beautiful flowers and a fountain. Then she walked the square, sat on a bench, and then went home. And everything was happy and good with the kids. The doctor decided – it’s not just the microbial thing. The thing is, the information she came home with. Poor information affects children so much, she concluded for herself.

And this simple and in some way primitive conclusion was true – since then, there has been no illness in the house. So, in fact, it is not necessary to rush home with close people in a sad or depressed mood immediately after a conflict or annoyance. We can reluctantly bring/transmit them something bad, harmful; sadness and agitation, even when we remain silent.

After an unpleasant scene, the situation the situation must be changed. After that you can go home, moving on to something good and enjoyable. How it works – of course,scientists study. But it sure does – walk around the park or look at Indiana Jones … And then hurry to those you love.

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