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2 Rules That Will Change Your Personal Life Forever!

There are only two rules in love life that really work. Applies to both men and women. Those who do not know them are doomed to wasting time and nerves on people who do not like them.

Rule number one – The relationship should be easy.

From the beginning. From the first moments. One instantly feels like an old friend, suits you more than one which needed years.

The guy with whom you’re ready to go to the mall’s toilet fifteen minuter after you met is better than the guy you’ve been writing unanswered letters to for seven years. The girl who immediately showed interest in you is better than the aloof beauty who needs to be taken to the Bahamas. Simple – means good. Complex – means bad.

It’s an axiom. There is no need to prove it. There is nothing to prove in a relationship to your account at all.

There is no need to reach anyone, adjust to anyone, or run for anyone. Because if you do it once, you will do it all the time, and in return you will only see a whimsical disgruntled loss. If it didn’t go off immediately – don’t drag the cat by the tail. It means this is not your man. Complex relationships are only suitable for those who are bored and have a lot of free time. To all others, these sufferings only destroy the nerves.

It is not necessary to impose complex relationships to yourself. A relationship in which only you strive, subordinate to someone else’s will is humiliating. Sooner or later, your patience limit will be reached. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into complicated relationships.

Rule number two, but definitely no less important. Relationships should bring joy.

This statement also does not require proof. As soon as the relationship ceases to bring joy, and it begins to bring disgust, end this at the root.

Don’t get used to quarrels, tears and broken dishes. Leave long conversations, rebukes, and mutual blaming. That’s not normal! It’s the way to hell! As soon as joy leaves the relationship – it becomes useless.

It seems – nothing simpler.

But many people have been tolerating insults for years! Bother their brain with unnecessary calculations! There’s no need for that! As soon as you realize that your words are thieves of joy – close your mouth. As soon as quarrels begin – leave! One just wants to accuse and blame you – don’t let the feeling of guilt instill in you. Go away!

Relations are necessary for the joy. All other relationships “because of the children,” “because everyone lives that way,” “out of habit,” “because without her / him it’s worse,” you can just take them and put them in the trash.

For me, there are only two main rules. Do you agree with them?

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