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Exercises For Treating Spinal Problems

This system of exercises is recommended for the prevention and treatment of spinal problems, with the aim of restoring and preserving the mobility of the spine, and also for fixation and strengthening of the intervertebral discs.

You can do it daily like morning gymnastics, it doesn’t take much time, 5 minutes only.

By doing this exercise, you will keep your spine flexible and resilient to old days.

Exercises can be done even in the lumbago period.

This system of exercises is recommended for more than 15 years and successfully applied in its practice by the neurologist of the Kiev regional center for sports medicine AN Litvinenko.

Constant spinal exercises will stimulate the restoration and strengthening of the spine, will make your spine resilient, flexible and healthy.

In case you have had a serious injury or spinal surgery, you should consult your doctor before performing a complex of these exercises.

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