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The Three Basic Signs That Your Man Loves You!

Men’s love manifests itself quite differently from women’s. Women’s love is unlawful, emotional, good and caring.
If a woman loves, she will completely dedicate herself to a man, support him, even if it is not worth it and if it’s absolutely not worth the attention. She will be faithful – that can’t even picture herself with anyone else. Such love women expect in return. But men’s love is different.
How can you determine if a man loves you?

There are the three main signs, by which you will comprehend.

The first sign: Man declares

If he really has some feelings about you, he will publicly talk about it. He will represent you to everyone as his girlfriend or wife. You will have an official title as “This is my friend”, or will simply represents you by name.

This means that he sees you in his long relationship with him, he thinks he is proud of what you are together, and tells people who are important to him.

If he introduced you as a friend, that’s what you’ll probably stay for him.

Also, if you go out with a man for half a year, and you still haven’t met his family, mother, friends and he used all sorts of excuses already, it means you will not long be together.

Another sign: Man secures

A man who loves you will not let you ask him for money. He will provide you with everything you need.

Providing means not just giving money. This also applies to solving some problems. For example, if you ask him to give you some help and he refuses, then it’s not your man.

The third sign: Protection

Protection is not necessarily the use of physical force against someone who harms you.

It may be some useful tips or desire to help in some way, when it seems to you that something is not safe.

Women have to admit that men love differently, their love often fits in only these three categories: statement, protection and security.

Some women may disagree with this, and believe that men are no longer capable of anything. But they do not do what they’re expected, because nobody has asked for that. You should insist that a man becomes a foster.

At the very outset of the meeting, you should establish basic rules, standards, to direct your relationship in the right direction. That is, to be clear what you expect, what you will tolerate, and what not. These demands should be told in a soft form during the conversation, so it does not look like an ultimatum.

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