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How Do Emotions Affect Internal Organs?

Emotions has very large impact on the internal organs of our body. You can read bellow which emotions affect the most our internal organs.

Joy – a positive factor, but when it is too intense and lasting – it has a negative effect on the heart. Too much joy takes heart energy. This shows that moderation is necessary in everything. There is also “negative satisfaction”, for example, the pleasure of causing harm to others, which also causes illness.

Anger damages the liver. When a person gets angry, “burns fire in the liver” and the liver is working at a high load. Anger increases energy, which results in visual impairment, headache or dizziness. People prone to outbreaks of anger are often predisposed to heart disease.

Depression has a negative effect on the lungs. Excessive sadness and grief lead to suppression of the will, the energy of the lungs is reduced.

Agitation damages the spleen. When a person is thinking too much about bad things and worrying too much, they lose their spleen and stomach. Energy is stagnant, resulting in worsening of the digestive and absorption system.

The state of fear damages the kidneys. Fear puts them out of energy, energy “falls”, causing inability to retain urine and feces.

Sudden strenuousness leads to a situation where “heart has nothing to lean on, the spirit has nowhere to join”, and emotional discomfort and confusion emerges.

“Disease – is no chaos, but certainly a strict order of events that is caused by the imbalance of body functions,” and ancient Chinese medicine thoroughly follows it.

Since our vital organs are connected to the spiritual world, or “virtues,” as described above, health practices have the goal of reestablishing and maintaining physical and spiritual strength – one through the other.

When any organ does not get enough energy, the physical condition of that organ gets worse and at the same time becomes increasingly difficult to express the “virtue” associated with that body. Painful disorders of the normal functioning of the internal organs cause negative emotional states.

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