Heavy Emotions "Accumulated" For Years That "Eat" Your Health! -

Heavy Emotions “Accumulated” For Years That “Eat” Your Health!

The causes of many diseases are much deeper than we think, and depend on ourselves to a large extent, especially our most common thoughts and emotions. Very often it happens that if a patient is “working” on himself, changing negative patterns, controlling thoughts and emotions, his healing time is much shorter than those who only consume tablets and medicines.

Our “ego” is associated with such negative traits as fear, envy, hatred, pride, lying, and greed. Emotions are created at the heart (mind) level. Often, after releasing a negative emotion, there is a sense of inner emptiness and fatigue. On the other hand, if we do not exclude negative emotions, everything remains in us, and it sticks, literally “eats” the body from within.

What should we do then? The answer is simple – to follow the established norms of human relationships and be unselfish, to live in accordance with universal divine laws, which does not seem to be difficult.

History of China contains records of centenarian Li Dzin Yun. He lived for 250 years (he died in 1928) and during his long life he adhered to three basic rules:

  • Avoiding excessive emotions because they pump energy and hinder the effectiveness of all organs in the body.
  • Do not rush, because everything happens in its own time.
  • Every day do physical and breathing exercises.

Why was his first rule “to avoid strong emotions”?

Traditional Chinese medicine has the term “seven feelings”. This is called the seven kinds of emotions: joy, anger, sadness, imagination, misery, fear and astonishment. Under normal conditions and with a moderate intensity of expression, they do not usually cause disease.

The result of this is the impotence that Oriental doctors call “internal injury.” “Internal injuries” are directly related to internal organs and create a disorder in the circulation of energy. Of course, the level and intensity of emotional expression is different in every person, but it has long been discovered that naturally aggressive, angry, nervous people have a sick body and are more often sick.

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