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10 Advises For Indigo Children’s Parents

1.Be honest

Give full explanation to indigo children as much as possible for their intelligence and maturity.

2.Do not manipulate

Without imposing guilt. It does not work with the Indigos.

3.Show them respect

They are only smaller by age, but often wiser in spirit. Do not answer them, because they will answer you too. Show them respect. Treat them as equal as possible. Allow them to help create rules and consequences. Ensure that they have boundaries that will protect them.

4.Encourage them

Let them develop autonomy so they do the work alone as much as they can. Let them choose clothes. From a small age, you learn them to take a bath for themselves.

5.Respect their mental abilities

Help them develop mental abilities with exercise, lectures and encouragement.

6.Teach them to protect energy and grounding methods

Indigo children are very emotionally sensitive. It will have drastic mood swings and this is often caused by the absorption of the energies of others around them. Training and various healing methods can help.

7.Teach them the methods of relaxation and meditation

These skills will help them to better overcome life, find balance, and to connect with the spirit world.

8.Respect their emotional and psychological sensitivity

Which is usually extreme and it seems unusual, but they DO NOT joke and maybe they need your help to tolerate those feelings.

9.Find alternative therapies for ADD and other disabilities

10.Help them to develop awareness of their indigo nature and their mission in life

Indigos are all here for a reason. They have unique behavioral characteristics to be more able to help bring in new energies and help improve the world. Until they understand it, they could have great difficulty in mastering their humanity and wearing it with the fact that they are too sensitive and different. If they learn that there is a reason for their diversity, they will be better at mastering them and working towards their planetary arrival mission.

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