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Who Are Indigo Children?

Indigo children can be identified by their unique characteristics. They are very intelligent and creative, but also rebellious towards authority and social systems. They are very often diagnosed with a concentration disorder or hyperactivity, so they are recommended various therapies to correct and overcome such behavior. At physical level, they are often sensitive and fragile, but at emotional level their sensitivity comes to extremes. Indigos developed a sense of care and empathy, but they can also develop insensitivity if they are emotionally abused in their youth.

The name Indigo children comes from the dominant color in their aura (indigo blue, dark blue with red addition). The specialty of indigo children is that they feel a “thin veil” of division between the Earth and the spiritual world. Due to the feeling of that “thin veil”, many information and different knowledge are available from them.

Learning about indigo children will improve our ability to work with children. It will help us understand the new energies that descend to Earth, because indigo children will bring new energy and help us create a new, more harmonious life. They came to enlighten the world and elevate us to a new level, whether we are ready or not. Who will lead us better in new ways of behavior, thinking and feeling than children who already behave, think and feel like that?

Indigo and crystal children

They got these titles by the color of their aura. This children are the individuals who are here to bring us the time of peace. They are often psychic, sensitive and have an internal detector of lies.
These are generations born from 1978 onward. They are born today.

Indigo kids:

  • have the feeling that they deserve to be in this world and it’s strange to them if others do not see it.
  • are born with feelings of a king or queen, and therefore, behave like that.
  • don’t have a problem with confidence; they spontaneously say to their parents who they are.
  • are frustrated when the system is rational and when they can not show their own creativity.
  • often see better opportunities to achieve something so they protest against the school and the system.
  • know there is something more than what we can see.
  • believe that matter and body are illusions.
  • know that life consists of energy and consciousness.
  • know that everything is connected in the universe.
  • feel that everything that lives is looking for love, compassion.
  • understand spiritual concepts better than physical ones.
  • do not allow to be forced to do things that they don’t want to do.
  • become depressed and experience fears of terror, when they don’t live their life by their principles.
  • are honest and independent.
  • communicate with animals, plants, children and nature.
  • often talk with invisible friends and therefore are described as children with lush imagination.

After indigo children, in 1995 crystal children began to be born

Crystal Children
Crystal Children

Together with indigo children, they create a new generation of humanity on Earth. Characteristic for these children is that they have large crystal clear eyes and want to give everyone the love and the light. Many of them have extreme behavior or some sort of deficit. They also react poorly to various drugs. They often have drastic behavioral changes because in reality, their place is not on Earth, so they often bother here, or have attacks of anger, fear, jealousy, and they do not even know how to deal with it.

They have a very developed sense of compassion, as well as justice, and since they are very sensible, they take everything to heart.

  • Love nature, water, animals and playing with crystals.
  • They are very generous, empathetic and forgive easy.
  • It’s not unusual to start speaking at three to four years because they easily communicate without words.
  • They are often allergic or selective in terms of food because positive vibrations from food are important to them.

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