The Whole Society Should Start Live Through New Paradigms!

The Whole Society Should Start Live Through New Paradigms!

In order to the whole society to change and live constantly at high vibration, it is necessary to change the fundamental paradigm of the civilization in which we live. The most important thing is that all younger generations of children are taught about their divine nature and the abilities they have, brought to Earth by birth. All the answers are in us. We need to answer the main questions: “Who are we and why are we here?

As long as we live in the “comfort zone” and are not ready to be honest with ourselves, our outer world will not change, neither the society.

The imperative for each of us is to turn to ourselves and to place ourselves in the center of our world as soon as possible. And that means that our body should always be at high vibration, and the mind quiet and cleansed of all negativity. All of this will enable us to live in a positive flow, when all is created with ease. Everything starts coming to us in that state because we have finally become the center of attraction. All the good things have always been there, we just could not see them, because we were vibrating at low frequencies.

The first step we need to take is to learn to live in the moment, NOW. This means that every thought of the past and concerns about the future must be completely removed. We only give our attention to this moment and so we live in that moment of consciousness. It’s that simple, we just need to practice and learn what it means to be in the NOW. And be aware of our self and everything that is happening around us in the society and accepting everything completely. Why?

Because all that we see is the result of our previous thoughts and it can no longer be changed. We can change our reaction to what is happening now and react differently so that tomorrow is a result of our peaceful reaction.

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