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How To Know If It’s Time To Give Up?

Stay in current job or pick up things? Fight to stay in the relationship or move on? End your friendship or give one more chance? There are so much opportunities in life to give up. Brave people remain, but every change brings something good. It’s all known to those who have ventured several times in life – and gave up.

How to know WHEN it’s time to give up?

When others expect you to be what you are not. Do not change your personality (not talking about bad habits, etc.) for anyone or anything. Isn’t easier to fill the void in life than collect pieces of broken identity? Giving up a job or a person in the first moment will disrupt you and disarm, but soon you will be completely new, better and enthusiastic when new faces and jobs enter your life.

When you are in a company of people who say one thing and do other. It is always better to be alone than in bad company. Whether it’s your colleagues or friends, surround yourself with people who help you go further and look forward.

When others often fail you. If you are inclined to believe in people regardless of whether they deserve it, you have to change the tactic. Everyone was once betrayed and this is a great lesson because it teaches you to recognize and rip out the “weeds” from your life.

When others don’t recognize your value. You must not allow this for yourself. Leave this kind of environment the sooner the better, so you wouldn’t ask later: “Why did not I do this earlier, much earlier?”

When you do not get the chance to say your opinion. Arguments are saving every interpersonal relationship until the unspoken kills it. Summon your thoughts and ideas so you don’t regret later.

When it is quite clear to you that you do not like your job or position. Everyone wise will advise you that it is better to be unsuccessful in what you love than be successful and unhappy in the job you hate. Risk it. Give yourself a chance. Make mistakes and you will learn a lot, so you’ll end up looking forward to every business day.

When you find yourself living in the past. All fears, uncertainties and tears can be forgotten. What is important, is now and today. Life is not about revenge and control. Everything in life is set to where it belongs. So let the past stay behind you, as it is, and you smile right now and give the best version of yourself.

It is incredible the feeling that brings change and giving up (when and if it’s time).

When the worst passes, look back and ask, “How did I just go through all this?” …

The answer will tell you how strong you are and how you go forward in your life.

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