This is How You Resolve Any Conflict Without Screaming Or Arguing!

This is How You Resolve Any Conflict Without Screaming Or Arguing!

Simple silence in response to shouting and verbal attacks of others has the effect of cold shower! As our opponent yells at us, we look at him carefully and listen. Let’s cool it down. We develop the art of balancing before conflict. Buddhists have comprehended long ago that this is the best way to weaken the resistance!

Where there is more than one person, there will always be a conflict. Every day we have to give or listen to arguments, and the more social roles we have – the more “material” for discussion. Often these discussions are not constructive, but are transformed into real battles and cause serious “psychological injuries.”

But, do we need it?

Tips to become a master of conflict

Do not fight, because you will inevitably become what you are fighting for. Too much power leads to the opposite effect.

Learn to be guided to lead others.

The one who screams at you makes it affect, which means he is not aware of it. It’s funny to try to talk to a person whose consciousness is off. It’s just like talking to someone who is asleep. Have you ever seen someone yelling at others, and he’s in a good mood at the same time?

Shouting in response to the one who yells at you is like kicking a person who’s drowning with a paddle. He or she is actually drowning – in their own anger. So do not help them.

What do we do when we feel bad? We are accusing, screaming and crying. Therefore, when someone yells at us, he or she is really feeling bad. Do you know how to stop their screaming? Shut up and let them cool down. Do not listen to their words, this is just their pain crying.

How can I not show any reaction? So that you will encourage and boast yourself: “What a talent i have! I can remain calm even with such a person! “Simple silence has the effect of cold water (cold shower). As our opponent yells at us, we look at him carefully and listen. Let him cool down.

Staying quiet when you want to prove so much, is a truly difficult task, but it’s definitely worth it. If one side of the conflict behaves wisely, others will feel more calm.

More about psychological Aikido

Psychological Aikido is like ball balancing – balancing before aggression. Buddhists say that in this way we weaken the resistance.

In controversial situations, when it comes to practicing common sense and calmness of spirit, when it is necessary to change the “opponent” and make him not feel insulted and to voluntarily follow your attitude, psychological aikido tactics work particularly effectively.

Before the “enemy” attacks , it is necessary to put an end to its resistance, i.e. to eliminate the desire to oppose and prove.

Psychological Aikido excludes the phenomenon of conflict, tension and irritation in communication.

At work or at home, often occur situations where conflicts develop in one scenario, and you can predict in advance how people will behave in that scenario. This knowledge can be used for preventive depreciation (e.g. get to the boss and notify him of your mistakes without waiting for his criticism).

So we suggest you try to perfect the art of psychological aikido – so your health and the calmness of your closest ones will be preserved.

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