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The Advice That Changed My Life!

I am very brisk. Very. I am not a woman, but a Kalashnikov rifle that could kill with words.
I did not know how to wait. And how to be patient.

In hot situations I could not calm down, breathe in, or give myself time to think about what is happening.
In the rush of emotion, I would end a long-term relationship. Clear the phone book. Block unwanted. Pack my bags and quickly left, without looking back. And I’ve never turned around.

But one day I received a precious advice. The advice that changed my life.

“The winner is the one who knows how to wait.”

It was told by one of the most important people in my life. And I began to learn to wait.

By the power of will, instead of being driven by my emotions, I was braking myself, forcing myself to wait. Waiting for what? Nothing. Wait for an hour to pass. The clock in which the most evil, most destructive words can be said. Wait for the flame of emotion to quench and to start talking, without choking with rage.

You do not need to burden yourself during that hour. Watch a movie, read a book, talk on the phone.

Just an hour. But if you survive, 99 situation of 100 look completely different. And out of that situation, which does not look like that, you have to come out in royal way.
“Royal” – this means peaceful, benevolent and forever.

Why so? Ah, yes: in the storm of emotions, we usually create what we would later regret. Inflicts pain to loved ones, and what’s even worse – to myself …

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