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Here’s What Happens When Your Heart Chakra Is Open!

The heart chakra is the fourth in a row and is in the middle of the chest, where the heart is. In column seven chakras in our body, it is exactly in the middle. It connects the lower three chakras and the upper three chakras.

Through the lower chakras we are connected to the earth, and through the upper three with cosmic energy and nephysical.

The heart chakra behaves as a transformer, as it transforms earth’s energy and physical reality into fine vibrations and information that is sent to our chakras and higher extremes. There is also a reverse process. Energy from space enters through our crown chakra and travels down to the lower chakras. That energy transforms in the heart chakra and goes into the lower chakras to manifest itself in physical reality.

The heart chakra also unites the male and female energy crucial for creating. Each of us is the creator in the true sense of the word. Regardless of gender, each of us has within himself and masculine and feminine energy we can create with.

To be able to create in full sense and with full responsibility we go through many incarnations on this planet to learn about the consequences of wrong creation as well as the universal joy and love of creating in harmony and be in square with everything that exists. When the heart chakra is fully functional, its energy expands to the other chakras and heals them, and this is the process of healing the whole body.

Through the heart chakra, we receive energy from the environment that gives us information on whether something is in harmony with the Universe or not. When there is harmony, the feeling in the heart chakra is wonderful, we feel the infinite joy in which we want to remain eternally. We feel the love we cheerfully want to convey to others, we feel alive and fulfilled.

Chaos and non-harmony cause pain. The heart suffers.

The heart is our main indicator of whether we are doing something right. Through the heart chakra we feel universal love and connection with the whole cosmos, but we also feel the pain of the other and we sympathize with it.

Since we did not know how to deal with unbearable pain, our hearts closed. By creating non-harmony, we inflict pain on others because others may also feel our pain. We closed our hearts so we would not feel pain, but we stopped feeling and universal love, we forgot how it looked and became insensitive.

So we started to use the logical mind, and thus the ego. Through the ego there was fear, hatred, rage, passion, lust, and the sense of amorousness that we confused with the true, cosmic and universal Love. This is a chain reaction that comes close after millions of years, because it is time to re-open the heart chakra.

When the heart chakra begins to open again, the first thing we experience is the infinite joy and enthusiasm, the sense of freedom and love for everyone and everything that surrounds us. The silence of this feeling varies from person to person, it all depends on who is willing to overcome the fear of experiencing the pain of the other with their heart.

The energy flowing through the heart chakra re-activates the process of transforming energy from the upper chakras to the lower, as well as the process of unification of male and female energy. So we get our long forgotten abilities, and that is to create our reality. This time, we will finally know how to do it, because through thousands of incarnations we have experienced various forms of chaos and non-harmony, the causes and consequences of painful conditions and suffering.

The tremendous experience we have gained enables us to overcome fear of pain and re-launch the love process. There is still a chaotic state in our world so that in the initial phases of opening the heart chakra, we will experience the pain again, to the extent that we literally feel the physical chest pain. This pain can cause a partial closing of the heart chakra, but it is just a process of alignment and harmonization that will soon overwhelm the entire planet.

The more people will open their hearts, will spread love to other people and help others overcome fear and re-open their hearts.

Universal love unites.

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