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5 Steps For Eradicating Any Bad Habit!

Your habits begin as soon as you get up. There are good ones, but there are habits that do not help us anyway. You can’t live without the phone? You can’t keep your fingers away from chocolate? Step out of the vicious circle following THESE 5 steps!

Social psychologists believe that between 30% and 50% of our daily activities are determined by habits.

Pay attention to the beginning of your day – turn off the alarm, check messages, place the phone on the side, and cook coffee. Your habits begin as soon as you get up.

Habits are not a bad thing. On the contrary, they give us security and stability. Without habits, our brain would have to process information over and over again and think before we wash our teeth before bed or drink water.

There are habits that do not help us anyway. Distract our attention from the important things, eat us time or damage to health.

1.Discover the pattern

If you want to end with bad habits, you must first identify the pattern that is repeating. Certain circumstances lead to habits. We respond to them the same act, which thanks to dopamine, causes feelings of pleasure

2.Change the circumstances

The circumstances causing habits include time, location, activity and society. If you change them, you will increase chances of getting rid of unwanted habits.

For example, research has shown that for smokers, the easiest way to leave cigarettes is during the holidays.

The challenge is to establish a new way of behavior in everyday life.

3. Replace old habits with new ones

You want to watch TV less, but you don’t want to take it to the basement? If step number 2 is not achievable and the change of circumstances is not possible, there is another solution.

Replace old habits with new ones. It is easier for our brain to get used to new things than to give up the old ones.

Instead of first grab for the remote when you sit on the sofa, take a book. But before that, change the circumstance of putting a book instead of a remote on the sofa.

4. Take small steps

Do not set yourself big and abstract goals: “From now on I will regularly play sports.” Set yourself tangible goals: “I’ll run every Wednesday”.

If you succeed, reward yourself.

Over time, the intervals between the prizes will increase and the activity itself will become sufficient motivation.

5. Listen to yourself

No matter how long you make an effort, sooner or later you will want to give up.

Follow step number 1, remember where traps are found and remind yourself.

After meeting in the morning, all of your colleagues go for a break for smoking? Write yourself in a calendar: “Not today”!

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