The Key To The Law Of Attraction - Example Of Effective VISUALIZATION!

The Key To The Law Of Attraction ~ Example Of Effective VISUALIZATION !

Your ability to visualize your dreams will help you in their realization.

Visualization and visualization techniques are incredibly powerful. Some psychologists today claim that one hour of visualization counts as seven hours of physical effort. Remember, your subconscious mind does not recognize the difference between actual experience and a vivid imaginative experience. It can not make the difference between observation, imagination, or real-life experience.

It (the subconscious mind) equals all of them. With different visualization techniques, you can fully experience any situation as if it’s real. You can create emotional or psychological responses to the situations you envision. Your subconscious mind will seize this information and preserve them as true, and the universe will respond to this vibrating energy with a manifestation that is consistent with it.

Here are the examples of visualization that help you create vibrant images in your mind and make you aware of the fact that your thoughts and emotions also affect your body. As you read the first paragraph, pay attention to how you feel emotionally and physically and notice how these feelings are different from those in the other part.

Visualization of skyscrapers

First part

Take a deep breath and relax … Imagine standing in the middle of a small terrace at the top of the tallest skyscraper all over the world. Imagine that this terrace has no fence … between you and falling there is nothing. While standing there, look at your feet and pay attention to what the terrace is made of. Do you stand on tiles, concrete, asphalt, wood or stone? Note also that the weather is nice. The sun is shining, blows a gentle breeze and feel the warmth of the sun on your face and hands … What sounds you hear? Perhaps at that height there are pigeons or other birds.

Maybe you hear how a helicopter fly over or you hear the street noise from below … Now, walk to the edge of the terrace and put your toes on the edge. Look down to the street, which is far, far away … you see how everything looks incredibly little from that height. As you do it, look at it and feel it … Now get back to the middle of the terrace … still feeling as you stand on the edge and look down.

Most people will notice some kind of emotional and physical reactions. You may have felt that your heart hurts fast, that your palms sweat, dizziness or nausea. You may have experienced tension or fear.

The second part

Take a deep breath and relax … Imagine you stand at the top of the same terrace on the top of the same skyscrapers, only this time you have beautiful white wings and you are completely confident of your flying ability. Understand that you are completely safe … Go to the edge of the terrace, and when you arrive there, just bend your knees, push and fly away … See what the feeling is like – feel the wind as you move your wings while you fly freely in the sky. ..

Feel the excitement and freedom … After a while, fly to any place on the planet, the place you rather be… This could be your ideal vacation spot where you would go when you want to be yourself or a special place where you would like to be with someone you care about … When you get there, just sit down and enjoy a few moments, do whatever you want … and see how you feel right now, physically and emotionally .

Compare the different emotional and physical reactions you have experienced in the first and second part of visualization. Expect the ease, joy, and feeling of spread that you have experienced in the second part of this example.
Now, think for a moment. You have not gone anywhere, you did not leave the room, you just took a few minutes to visualize these two experiences, and yet you’ve probably felt that are happening considerable emotional and physiological changes. The vibrant images you have created in your mind – your subconscious mind – were completely real, and your body responded to your imaginative experience at the emotional and physiological level just as it really happens.

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