An Accurate Personality Test That Will Amaze You: Discover Yourself!

An Accurate Psychiatric Personality Test That Will Amaze You: Discover How You SHINE!

We found this great test on the psychiatric forum. Take paper and pencil and get to work.

When do you feel the best?

a. Morning (2 points)
b. Afternoon (4 points)
c. Late in the evening (6 points)

When you walk, you walk …

a. Fast enough, with long steps (6 points)
b. Relatively fast, tiny steps (4 points)
c. Not very fast, upright head, looking ahead (7 points)
d. Not very fast, bent head (2 points)
e. Very slowly (1 point)

When you talk to people, you …

a. Stand with crossed arms (4 Points)
b. Have folded hands (2 points)
c. Hold one or both hands on your hips (5 points)
d. Pinch the person you are talking to (7 points)
e. Play with your ear, touch your chin or twist the hair (6 points)

When you relax, you sit …

a. Smooth knees, legs relaxed one by one (4 points)
b. Cross-legged legs (6 points)
c. Straight leg stretched (2 points)
d. On one leg bent under you (1 point)

When you’re really having fun, you’re reacting …

a. Loud laughter (6 points)
b. With laughter, but not loud (4 points)
c. Giggling (3 points)
d. With a shy smile (2 points)

When you go to some social gathering …

a. You are loud on arrival, so everyone would notice you (6 points)
b. You come unnoticed and look around looking for well-known people (4 points)
c. You are totally inconspicuous and trying to stay that way (2 points)

You’ve got a lot of things to do, you’re very busy and somebody interrupts you …

a. You are happy about the break (6 points)
b. You are upset (2 points)
c. You are somewhere between these two extremes (4 points)

What color is your favorite?

a. Red or orange (6 points)
b. Black (7 points)
c. Yellow or light blue (5 points)
d. Green (4 points)
e. Dark blue or purple (3 points)
f. White (2 points)
g. Brown or black (1 point)

When you are in bed tonight, a few moments before you fall asleep,…

a. Outstretching on the back (7 points)
b. Outstretching on stomach (6 points)
c. Lightly bowed to your side (4 points)
d. Support your head on one hand (2 points)
e. The head is under the pillow (1 point)

You often dream…

a. Falling (4 points)
b. Beating or fight (2 points)
c. Looking for something or someone (3 points)
d. Fly or float (5 points)
e. Don’t dream (6 points)
f. Dreams are always enjoyable (1 point)

Now add up your points and see the result.

Personality Test Results

Over 60 points: DOMINANT

Others see you as the person you need to “treat carefully” as a somewhat arrogant, egocentric and extremely dominant person. Some admire you and want to be like you, but they do not always trust you and hesitate to come up with you in a deeper relationship.

51 to 60 points: TEMPERAMENT

Others see you as an exciting person, an explosive temperament, an impulsive. Natural leader who makes decisions quickly, though not always correct. They see you as bold and adventuresome, someone who will always dare to try. They enjoy being in your company for the excitement you radiate.

41-50 points: CONVENIENCE

Others see you as a direct, lively, charming, fun, practical, and always interesting person. Always in the center of attention, but balanced enough to keep it from falling into your head. They also consider you a kind, considerate person of full understanding who will always cheer up and help.

31-40 points: COMMITMENT

Others see you as a reasonable, caring person, smart, talented, but modest. You are not a person who makes friends too fast, but you are very loyal to those who become your friends and in return you expect the same loyalty. Those who really get to know you, understand that it takes a lot to shake your faith in friends, but you also need a lot of time to forget, if that trust is ever broken.

21 to 30 points: CAUTION

Your friends consider you a conscientious and discreet person. They see you as a very cautious, very caring person, as someone who is slow and persistent. It would really surprise them if you react impulsively, as they expect you to examine everything carefully from every angle and then give up. They consider that this is your cautious nature.

Less than 21 points: INSUFFICIENCY

People think you are shy, nervous, indecisive, someone who needs looking after, who always wants someone else to make a decision for you and you don’t want to interfere in anything. You are an eternally disturbed person in their eyes, who only sees non-existent problems. Some people think you are boring. Only those who know you well know that you are not.

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