Make " Sun Salutation " And Regenerate Your Body, Mind And Spirit

Make ” Sun Salutation ” And Regenerate Your Body, Mind And Spirit

The sun is the source of life and therefore we love it not only because it gives us light and warmth – but also because it means life. Sun Salutation is a dynamic sequence of yoga Asana position for heating and calming the body.

There are few varieties of Sun Salutation, and in the Ashtange tradition are practiced two versions.

Surya (Sanskrit: “Sun”)

Namaskar (“Namaste” is an Indian expression that is used as a greeting or is expressed as a gesture by putting the palms in front of the heart in the position of prayer).

Namaste is the conviction that there is a God Spark in us all in the area of the heart chakra. The very gesture is the knowledge of the soul of one that is reflected in the soul of another “) and a dynamic sequence of asana that serves to warm the body and calm the mind. There are more types of Sun Salutation, and in the Ashtange tradition are practiced two versions.

Every Sun Salutation begins and ends in the “samasthiti” position, with hands folded in front of the heart, and each Sun Salutation is a perfect cycle, a repeating cycle. Various forms of Sun Salutation are added to certain asanas, and so is the Sun Salutation rounded up and complete circle.

Surya Namaskar awakens all the energy channels in the body, removes tension, calms the mind, improves circulation and warms the body, cleanses it and lubricates the joints, and makes the spine lithe, and muscles strong. Sun Salutation awakens the whole body and affects all the muscles. So, several cycles of Sun Salutation each morning cure all illnesses, says tradition, and we say ” Sun Salutation in the morning, makes you happy and satisfied, and your body is flexible and firm.”

Sun Salutation traditionally consist of twelve positions that follow twelve breaths.

It is performed in an uninterrupted sequence and each position is a natural continuation of the previous, followed by a certain inhalation or exhalation.

Early in the morning and sunrise time is best for performing the Sun Salutation.

This is the time when the sun has a favorable, rising energy that is high quality.

Every morning it would be good to do twelve cycles Sun Salutation, and during the performance is best to have a face turned towards the east.

Sun Salutation is invaluable for development of flexibility and health of the whole body, but also for equitable distribution of life energy that flows through the energy channels in the body. There are about 72,000 and they are activated when we practice Greetings to the sun. By making Nadis passable, prana flows better, the chakras work better and we have more energy.

Surya Namaskar

  1. Prayer position – Stand in an upright position, connected legs, connect your arms in front of you like a prayer, while performing this position.
  2. Take a deep breath and stretch your hands up above, forming a bow to the back. Focus your eyes on the thumbs.
  3. Release and lower your hands all the way to the floor, so your palms are on the floor at your feet, and your head touches your knees. If you can not touch your hands without bending your knees, you can bend them slightly.
  4. From this position, take a deep breath, lower yourself and stretch your right leg back, while your palms are laid at the shoulder level on the floor. Point the view up as much as possible.
  5. Slowly lift it up in the bow without moving your hand. Your toes and heels have to be on the ground.
  6. Lower your entire body to the ground while your palms are still in the width of your elbows. Let floor touches only 8 parts of the body: the feet, the knees, the hands, the chest and the forehead. Keep in this position only one second, then move to the next position.
  7. From this lying position, inhaling slowly allow the spine to lift your head, then the whole torso, with your hands slightly lowered from the ground to the “cobra” position. Let your elbows stick to the body, and the hips should remain on the floor.
  8. With exhaling, return again to the lying position from which you will raise the backside of the floor forming upside down letter V.
  9. Inhale and return to the fourth position, only this time with the right foot between hands, and left stretched back.
  10. Raise upwards with your palms on the floor (position 3).
  11. Take a deep breath while lifting your arms up and stretching them over your head forming a bow. Push your hips forward and head back.
  12. Exhale and return to starting position of prayer.

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