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Your Thoughts Can Become Your Biggest Problems In Life

Save this article or write down these quotes somewhere you’ll be able to see them when you start to overthink. Or read them and form your own quotes or mantra that you can recite every time your thoughts start racing.

I hear people always say: “I can not turn my brain off” or “I’m always complicating everything”. Our minds are tools for memory and reasoning, and unverified ones just continue to go on and on without productive leadership.

We can not be angry at our minds doing their job, but we can take measures to ensure that we remain productive and happy.

“Quiet minds can hear intuition, regardless of fear.”

Our mind is the house of many voices and expressions. If you are not working to take advantage of the full capacity, some of these expressions may be lost.

“Release. Do not let the past ruin your present.”

The past is unchangeable, but our recollection of past events is often changing, depending on the mood and the current perspective.

The effects of the past are already in place in various situations. Try to live at the present moment, do not be burdened with an additional version of the past.

“You can not control everything, do not even try. Appreciate, do not manipulate.”

You can truly control only what is happening in your mind. We can influence the whole world around us, but we can never really control anything.

“Excessive thinking doesn’t lead to happiness.”

You can not invent happiness yourself. Happiness is an emotion you can not rationalize. When you focus on the present moment, the more happiness you get from experience.

“Unproductive thoughts are like mind prison clutches, do not waste your energy at closing your potential.”

We are infinite beings, capable of incredibly amazing feats and achievements. The only obstacles that stand on everyone’s journey are our own limitations or restrictions that we allow other people to impose on us.

We limit ourselves to protect ourselves from possible failures and inconveniences. Release your fears and expectations. Follow your intentions and your heart, so you can accomplish whatever you want.

“Worry is like sitting on a rocking chair, even though it involves movement, does not lead you anywhere.”

It may seem that excessive critical thinking is essential for success and growth, but the truth is exactly the opposite. It is useful to plan the action and consider options, but there is a thin line between consciousness and concern.

To limit the effects of worry and negativity, fully recognize your fears and desires, accept them and release them.

“Slow down. Do not speak before you hear it. Think before you react. Before you judge, forgive. Before you give up, try! “

The difference between overthinking and thinking clearly is in the quantity versus quality. Slow down, breathe and act carefully. After you do something, you can not delete it.

“Your thoughts can become your biggest problems in life.”

Excessive thinking reduces energy. It creates unwanted formations such as fear, insecurity, arrogance or depression.

If you do not live consciously, you can create problems where there are none and exacerbate existing problems.

“Do not get upset about what can go wrong, be excited about what can go well.”

The future is a mystery. We have a tendency to project our desires and fears to the unknown.

We project our fears in the easiest way, but since it is all guesswork, why not focus on what could be good?

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