We Meet No One By Chance: These Are The 3 Kinds Of Meetings

We Meet No One By Chance: These Are The 3 Kinds Of Meetings

Nothing is a coincidence.
In this world where we are honored to live, every encounter and accidental acquaintance has a certain goal.

Sometimes we need people to wake us up and help us to change the direction of our lives; sometimes – to encourage and remind us of who we are on this earth.

And sometimes there are those who only meet us for a moment.
By the irony of destiny, we do not have to know the predestination of every man we meet, but we need to be open to everything that he brings with each new acquaintance.
Sometimes you need to look at the world as an entangled threads – silver or red, each pointing to a meeting with a certain person, which may not have happened yet.

All our life – it is the interaction with each other. Although modern technology, the Internet, social networks are trying to convince us that this interaction can be minimized, something is changing in our minds, we realize that in life nothing happens by accident.

We do not need all meetings to be long-lasting: sometimes may last only a moment. Maybe they keep hold of us, not to have an accident, or to meet with potential love. Sometimes the Universe sends people to help us in life, even if they do not become very important to us.

And although we can not predict, we can prepare ourselves for such surprises in life.

People, who should awaken us.

These are those who come for a long time. Sometimes these are our partners, soul mates. These are the ones that completely change our lives.

People who help us remember who we are.

Sometimes in life, we begin to lose ourselves. In our everyday life and care we forget who we wanted to become, what we imagined (and we still do), who we really are. We simply leave to an adult and responsible life, forgetting what we are true to. This is not about the place of work or the city which we live in, but the soul and the inner experience of the world.

And then, there are people who come to our lives to help us understand who we are, to begin to feel like ourselves.

People who matter for a moment.

When you start a conversation with random companion, and you can’t stop talking. Or when we simply exchange a smile with an unknown man down the stairs. And it really looks like some alien communication, which simply had to happen.

Just because one does not stay in our life longer, it does not mean that meeting with him has no purpose and goal. Everything has meaning. And it is precisely those invisible threads that connect us to each other and make life in this world amazingly unpredictable, because we never know when we will meet the person who will oblige us to change our lives.

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