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5 Habits That Indicate Low Self-Esteem

Sow process – reap habit, sow a habit – reap character, sow character – reap destiny.

5 habits that consume your power:

The habit of comparing

The habit of comparing yourself with others and looking at the other as if they are above you – a sure sign of envy. Denying your uniqueness, you betray yourself. Assessing yourself through others, you risk to never know your true self.

Ignoring your own power source, you are condemned to search for masters, guides, you (be assured) will surely find. If you do not figure out what to do with your life, there will be those who will do it for you.

The habit of competition

Behind the fiery desire to be better than someone, there is a feeling of being worse than others and an attempt to prove the opposite. As long as the ego is endangered – your only motivation, you will live in surpassing. There will always be those who are better, and who have more. But the goal of life is existence, not a competition. Be yourself, not better than the neighbor.

“Only an unlucky man tries to prove that he is happy, only a dead man trying to prove he is alive, only a coward trying to prove he is brave. Only a man who knows his lowness tries to prove his size.” – Osho.

The habit of hoping

Refusing to believe in yourself, you live in hope and expectation. Hoping that it will bring you the flow, or someone who will carry you through life will appear. You always wait for something, but you do not really know what you are waiting for.The life scares you, but your responsibility frightens you even more.

By living live based on someone else’s script and suggestion, you’re depriving yourself of the magic of life. Wonders do not happen on the beaten paths but on unknown paths. Once you risk and start your turn, you see that you do not need the conductors.

The habit of seeking approval

When you do not know your value, you start to look for a side rating. In pursuit of recognition, you do not do what you want, but what brings you fortune in the cash-box of merit. But ego knows no saturation.

And the more confession you get, the more you need to strengthen your own character. And that’s the enchanted circle. You can pull yourself out of it, knowing that your value comes from inside, not from other people’s opinions.

The habit of manipulation

When you do not believe in your own power, you use someone to accomplish your goals. Voluntarily or unwittingly, you become a manipulator. You have to resort to all sorts of tricks and retaliation: exert pressure on compassion, appeal to conscience and play on the guilty feeling card.

And when the old keys get stuck, finding a new ones is the only choice. A craze is developing, but not faith in oneself. By exploiting and disparaging others, you will not strengthen self-esteem. Instead of manipulating, find how to motivate yourself.

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