Do Not Leave A Glass Of Water Next To The Bed Overnight - Here's Why!

Do Not Leave A Glass Of Water Next To The Bed Overnight – Here’s Why!

Have you ever held a glass of water beside the bed throughout the night? Did you have a strange taste when you drank after you woke up in the morning? You might think the water in the glass lost its freshness. Is it possible that water’s date has expired?

The odd taste you feel is actually coming up because of the increase of acid level in the water.

PH water balance decreases when it stays uncovered overnight. Water absorbs carbon dioxide which makes it acidic. But that is not the main thing to worry about.

What should draw your attention is the risk of diseases caused by water.Not all of these diseases are caused by water contaminated from the outside.

Water is an element prone to life. It can grow algae and bacteria if it is long left standing in the air uncovered. Discovery News has released a video that speaks exactly about it. (Video is included at the end of this post)

Chemistry of water changes, 0.13% turns into carbonate acid, which later forms bicarbonates and carbonates. But it’s not just for this reason that it’s unsafe to drink such water.

The water that is left uncovered is a potential host of mosquitoes and algae, in addition to attracting domestic dust. Therefore, it is important to boil or filter drinking water.

Water can be stored indefinitely if stored properly. The modern era allowed chemical purification of water.

Water should not be kept together with pesticides, but besides, it is safe to store it for a long time. However, water requires adequate vessels. Not all shapes of plastic bottles are safe.

If water remains not closed is prone to bacterial growth. Bottled water allows such growth to stop for a few days, but not forever.

It is best to drink fresh water that is not contaminated. It is best to pour water into a glass when you drink and do not leave it in a glass on the air throughout the night.

And if you really do not like to get up just because of the glass of water, you can always keep a bottle of water next to your bed.

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