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Materialism- Material Obsession

People define matter as a substance from which physical objects are made, which practically means that matter is considered to be all that can be felt by the senses and all that possesses physical properties.

Matter could simply be defined as simultaneous mass and energy manifestations in time and space. As a general, philosophical and physical category, matter is inseparably linked to other general categories, namely space, time and movement. Matter, therefore, always occupies some space and lasts for some time, and also can not exist without moving or without being in a state of constant and continuous movement and change. One of the oldest laws of physics, is the Law of conservation of mass, which reads:

Mass can neither be created nor destroyed, although it may be rearranged in space, or the entities associated with it may be changed in form.

The term that is closely tied with matter is called materialism.

Materialism is a philosophical branch that considers matter as the base of everything.

Today’s society is based on this teaching. This is what our parents, environment, school, media, and even (in a somewhat subtle sense) religion teach us. Many come to God in order to improve their financial, health or social situation.

However, there is evidence that the substance is not our only reality. There is evidence of the existence of mind, the subtle or astral reality that exists separate from matter. Although many are unaware of the importance of this part in our existence, many branches of modern science are already involved. For example psychology, parapsychology, quantum physics and so on.

Is that the end of the story, or is there a reality that is hidden for the common man? Some talk about the existence of consciousness above the matter and mind, which continues to exist even after the body and brain functions cease to work. Some say that this consciousness, after abandoning one body, moves to another one. It is said that for each dimension (matter, mind, and consciousness) there are worlds where living beings have bodies adapted to these conditions. The world of pure consciousness is supposedly the source of our existence, from which comes all what we strive for… love, happiness, pleasure, knowledge, eternity, wealth…

Why are not these themes, so essential for a human being, not given more attention? Why is it all about matter even though there is evidence of the existence of higher dimensions available to the human being and which can bring great global and personal well-being to everyone? People want to believe so much in materialistic science, although it is an indisputable fact that it is constantly changing.

Rare are scientists like Michio Kaku who say,

“The more we get to know the reality that surrounds us, the more it opens up questions that are left unanswered. Reality is crazier than all of our expectations.”

Why is it so?

Because it is not the first time that man is prone to error, with his limited vision, led to lower states of consciousness, greed, lust, illusion, anger, selfishness, desire for personal gain to the misfortune of the rest of the world. Shaping the ideology of a particular society in which everybody must fit in. Man is stubbornly convinced that matter will bring about what the soul yearns for, and is unwilling to accept the spirituality because that requires work, accepting ones imperfections, and recognition higher authority. Man stubbornly wants to master nature, but will never succeed. Nature has always been and will be superior because it is the work of superior beings, and of our bodies, no matter how it ‘significantly’ be in this life, there is only dust, nothing more valuable than ordinary sand.

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