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3 Ways To Clean Your Bowels With Soda Bicarbonate

Bowels must be cleaned regularly to prevent diseases and recover the body. Traditional medicine offers many effective ways to clean the bowels. Baking soda is however indispensable and will help you to release toxins, mucus and parasites that live in your gut and sting your body.

Mode No.1: Drinking Baking Soda

Drinking soda is done in the morning, as soon as you wake up. First, take one glass of water at room temperature and start moving. It would be good to stretch a little or to make a few simple exercises. Then, take a glass of water in which a small teaspoon of bicarbonate is dissolved. Let the water be lukewarm. After 15 minutes, add another glass of water in which another teaspoon of bicarbonate is dissolved.

Repeat this procedure two more times. So, wait 15 minutes and drink water with molten soda bicarbonate. Feel free to decrease the amount of baking soda with every glass of water.

After about an hour, it will get the discharge of the bowels and the release of all toxins.

Mode No.2: Drinking Baking Soda And Whey

This method is somewhat radical and includes a kind of starvation, all in order to completely clean the toxins.

Take 2 liters of whey and dissolve one tablespoon of baking soda in it.

On the first day, drink this whey with bicarbonate of soda on an empty stomach. After an hour swallow 1 small garlic slice (without chewing) with one glass of lemonade. Then you can have breakfast, but not abundant.

During the day you should not eat anything, you can only drink kefir, tomato juice and water.

On the second day, take a sip with soda bicarbonate and after about an hour again, onion and lemonade.

During the day, do not eat anything except apple juice.

On the third day, drink whey and baking soda and garlic and lemonade, then slowly eat breakfast. During the day eat fruit and vegetables.

This type of cleansing of the intestine should be done 1 month and you will never have problems with toxins or excess kilograms again.

Mode No.3: Ejecting The Parasite From The Body

If you are constantly sick, exhausted and emaciated, it is a sign that it’s time to get rid of parasites that weaken your body.

This is done with enema.

In 800 ml of hot water (38 to 40 degrees Celsius), dissolve 20 to 30 grams of baking soda. Then prepare another 2 liters of plain water whose temperature is about 22 degrees.

Then perform the procedure with enema and two liters of water. Keep the water in it as long as possible and then empty the bowels.

Again, make two-liter enema plain water. At the end of this enema you will feel much better, your power will return as well as energy. Enema helps to get rid of all toxins that last long in the intestines, but also to lose a few pounds. You will feel much better than before.

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