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Banana Diet: Lose Up To 5kg In 2 Weeks!

After a book of banana diet came out in Japan, began a real banana-boom! This book describes the true story of Japanese Hitoshi Watanabe, who lost 18 kilograms in just a few months!

Why has this diet become so popular? Watanabe claims that it is only the replacement of the usual breakfast – with bananas and lukewarm water!

Hitoshi Watanabe says a combination of banana with water at room temperature leads to an acceleration of metabolism, so the man who runs this diet for lunch and dinner can eat more or less everything he wants, but will still lose excess kilograms.

Also, semi-ripe bananas contain so-called. resistant starch, for which we feel satiated. As a result, the fat burning process is even more intense, 30% faster than using traditional methods. Room temperature water improves digestion and reduces hunger.

Watanabe, after a number of failed attempts to lose weight, decided in the book to unite his experience of previous diets and scientific facts that his wife Sumiko, a pharmacist by profession, gained during the research of preventive medicine.

They created the weight loss method called the morning banana diet and immediately delight anyone who does not like to practice very well. The fatter people are always advised to burn off the calories by exercise, and Watanabe has provided a simple solution: eat only raw bananas with a glass of water as soon as you rise up, and nothing until lunch. Bananas simply contain resistant starch, which actively promotes weight loss.

Specifically, not every starch is equal. The starch is divided into digestible and resistant starch. Resistant starch is not digested in the small intestine, but passes into the colon where fermentation occurs. Resistant toxins contribute to the production of short-chain fatty acids which are foods for intestinal cells contributing to the health of the gastrointestinal system.

There are no rules, except eating until satiety. The Japanese also have a rule of 80/20, because they believe that a person should never overeat, or completely stuff with stomach with food. “Eight parts of a full stomach hold a man, two are held by doctors.” So many eat only 80% of what is served, while 20% return.

Rules Of The Morning Banana Diet


It is best to drink in the morning on an empty stomach a glass of warm water to start the metabolism. Wait for half an hour and eat one banana. If you are still hungry after 20 minutes, eat one more banana. Bananas must be fresh and not quite ripe, and water at room temperature. Drink water as much as you can.

Lunch And Dinner

All other meals are common. However, it is recommended that you comply with a few straightforward rules that will help you lose excess weight during this diet:

  • Never eat to complete satiety. It is best to get up from the table with the feeling that about the fifth part of your stomach is still free.
  • Dine at least until 8 pm, the optimal time – 6 pm. If you feel hungry after an early dinner, eat some fruit or a little raw mussel with yogurt or sour cheese.
  • Turn off desserts from your menu during lunch and dinner. If you want to eat something sweet, eat some fruit.
  • Drink plenty of water. It is best to drink water at room temperature in small sips. Do not drink 30 minutes after a meal.
  • In the intervals between meals you can drink tea, coffee, juice.

Why Practicing This Diet?

The diet is generally healthy.

Bananas contain fibers, potassium and a good source of energy.

Bananas are cheap and you do not need to buy expensive preparations.

Regular breakfasts improve the metabolism and prevent overeating during the day.

If you do not drink coffee for breakfast, you will stabilize blood glucose levels, and then appetite.

Glass of water at room temperature in the morning wakes up the metabolism.

Avoiding a meal after 8 pm reduces the desire for night nibbling and additional weight gain.

Limits the intake of alcohol.

Banana diet is also an excellent diet against cellulite.

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