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The Back – A Mix Of Symbols And Meaning

Our back is the place where we store everything that evoke unpleasant feelings within ourselves. It is our “dump of bad feelings” where we bury worries, negative experiences, pain and confusion. Our part of the body where we put everything we do not want to face.


The most important part of the inner body structure, the foundation of our body, the support frame on which the body is built. This set of vertebrae is our most important internal energy and meets our highest spiritual aspirations. The spine is the backbone of all other parts of the body. It makes us strong and confident.

It is linked to all the different aspects of our being through the skeleton, the central nervous system and the system of blood circulation that comes from the brain to the rest of the body. In this way, every thought, feeling, event, reaction, and impression are “suppressed” in the spine and in the corresponding parts of the body.

Many areas of medicine focus on this area. It is always taken into account that all parts of our body can be reached through the spine and that it is possible to affect them.

Upper Back

The upper part of the back covers the area under the shoulders to the blades. This area reflects the period after maturity or stage of internal and personal development, unresolved issues here racking up inevitably associated with our feelings or confusion about ourselves.

Such aspects as love and warmth in relation to the dear person, which we can not express and therefore we hide, or vice versa, irritation and indifference are closed on the back.

These feelings seek their way out, but if they are constantly ignored or denied, they will accumulate and manifest as anger.

Tight muscles of the upper back form an armor. This armor is filled with anger, first towards itself and then toward the surrounding area. This can be seen in the example of older women with thicker upper back and spine bowed.

This testifies of accumulation of malice and bitterness. The thick and curved upper back indicates the beginning of age and the loss of meaning and purpose of life.

The pain in the upper back can mean that you do what you do not want, that you feel disappointment and irritation because of your current situation.

Middle Of The Back

It is a small back surface in the projection of the solar plexus, in which an imbalance often occurs. The pain in this part of the back is often a result of balancing between the personal aspect of being with the outside world.

In this part of our backs is our natural blockage, the point of energy retention, which reflects our internal resistance to aging, deprivation of responsibility or our own mortality.

If you suffer from this part of the back it means you have to fight with yourself. If you have an ego problem, the middle part of your back will hurt.

Lower Back

This area extends from the projection of the solar plexus to bottom represents the final mature before birth.

When they studied the cases of pain in the lower back, it turned out that most often occur in situations that remind us that age: birthdays (large and round numbers), children’s graduation, retirement, etc …

Although the cause of pain in the lower back connects to heavy work, lifting heavy loads, the likelihood is that the weakness of the area has already been present and manifests itself with increased effort.

Pain in the lower back often testifies of fear of aging, and the great desire to stay young and energetic.

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