Do Good, Expect Nothing In Return: 8 Golden Rules Of Communication

Do Good, Expect Nothing In Return: 8 Golden Rules Of Communication

Our life is permeated by communication, and that’s beautiful. Friendly support, respect, love we receive from other people. People who support us not only in difficult circumstances, are inevitable attributes of success and happiness.

However, in order to maintain good relationships with the environment, certain rules of communication need to be followed. Consider the 8 golden rules of communication.

Do Not Collect Insults – It Costs A Lot.

It is necessary that you learn to forgive. Not for others, but for you. It is not obligatory to continue communicating with those who offended you.

Do Not Be Angry With children Who Don’t Understand You.

To understand you, they need to walk the same way as you. There is a great time distance between you. That is the way it goes, and that is how it will be. The problem of parents and children is an eternal problem.

Do Good, Expect Nothing In Return.

Do not expect others to love you, or respect you. Learn to enjoy with what you give and do good when your soul feels to do so, not when you are forced.

“Blessed is one who does not expect anything, because he will never be disappointed.” (A.Pope).

Stop Criticizing!

“Criticism is useless because it forces man to defend himself and as a rule, man is trying to justify. Criticism is dangerous because it affects the feeling of self-importance and causes reproof.” (D. Carnegie)

Do Not Explain!

In any case, you will not prove to anyone, ever. Everyone remains in their own. Anyway, others will not be able to understand you because of their different life experience.

Do Not Impose Your Past Experiences To Others, Unless You Are Asked To

Any imposed action, even love, is aggression.

By Evaluating The Behavior Of Another Person, Try To Take Into Account The Situation And Circumstances.

Our positive image “I” is mostly related to the fact that we can forgive ourselves for inappropriate behavior, cite unfavorable situations and circumstances. But we hardly forgive others, building their entire portrait, starting with specific situation and circumstances.

Do Not Ask For And Do Not Expect Others To Be Similar To You.

There are different “types” of people at different levels of consciousness and self-consciousness. These specific differences between humans are the same as between different animal species (ants, elves, apes, etc.). Even among people of the same “types” there are individual differences. So do not be surprised by the difference in your mind, actions, motives, and values. Try to accept people as they are.

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