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Best Natural Remedies For Mosquitoes Protection

With the arrival of summer, besides the lovely things, unfortunately come and those less pleasant. One of them is the well known creatures – mosquitoes, and as long as you are bothered by them, do not resort to toxic repellents because they can do more harm than mosquitoes themselves.

Natural repellents are completely harmless to health, and can be as effective as commercial ones. Here are some ways you can drive mosquitoes away from your body and place of residence.

Citronella – No.1 In Insect Protection

Citronella is the best cure for protecting from many insects, including mosquitoes. Essential lemon juice can be mixed with base oil and rubbed on the skin just before going out. You can also use it in diffusers or scented lamps. There are also incense citronella sticks you can use outdoors. Citronella can also be grown as a home plant in a jar. Just keep it where you do not want mosquitoes.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea oil efficiently rejects mosquitoes, while improving skin condition and facilitates many skin problems. It is known to reject not only mosquitoes but also ants, and many other insects that are biting. In a bottle with 200 ml sprayer pour 60 ml of tea oil and fill with distilled water. Before use, shake, spray and spread all over the skin. Repeat if when needed. In the fight against mosquitoes are also useful essential oils of cinnamon, rosemary, lemon grass, cedar and pepper mint.

Neem Oil

1995 Study of the Institute at the Malaria Research Center Ranipuram tested 2 percent mix of neem oil in coconut oil. It was found that this blend provided 96% to 100% effective protection against mosquitoes transmitting malaria. You can not get rid of mosquitoes only by lubricating oil on the skin, but also by burning in the aroma lamps, where the oil should be diluted with water.

Organic Soybean Oil

The research published in The New England Journal of Medicine reveals that soybean repellents are as effective as those with DEET (the most commonly used insect killer chemicals). This oil is an inexpensive and affordable way to protect mosquitoes. It has SPF 10 and it is excellent for protecting and moisturizing the skin. When purchasing soybean oil, be careful not to contain GMOs.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Oiling apple juice on your body, not only rejects mosquitoes, but also cools during unbearable heat and helps maintain Ph skin. Mix chopped parsley and apple cider vinegar and oil your skin with this mixture.


Essential oils of the true, wide lavender leaves are excellent insect repellent. To protect against mosquitoes, dilute them in base oils. They are also good for relieving itch after the sting, and so tender that can be oiled on a baby skin. Simply apply drop or two to the painful place. You can also use lavender macerates to protect mosquitoes. Fill the jar with a dry lavender, pour over the top with soy oil. Leave 40 days in a semi-dark place. You are free to use it after this period.

Lavender Oil
Lavender Oil


Garlic is commonly known for its many healing properties but is little known to act as a repellent. If your scent does not bother, you can freely put garlic on your skin and mosquitoes will avoid you from distance. You can leave garlic cloves in places where mosquitoes enter the house to protect your home.

First Aid After Mosquito Bite

Smear the place of mosquito bite with aloe vera juice, houseleek, lemon, baking soda solution, oil, black cumin, clay or rub peel bananas. Any of these selections will ease the discomfort.

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