Awaken Or Insane? Many Are Unaware Of What Is Happening To Them!

Awaken Or Insane? Many Are Unaware Of What Is Happening To Them!

Many become awakened without knowing what is actually happening to them. A strange feeling of madness , which lasts for a while, as if you have lost yourself and can not find back. You have some inexplicable manifestations in a form of energy flowing, you seem to vibrate from the inside, and all the feelings have crashed upon you. In just one second, the world has fallen on you and you feel everything in the depths of your being. The unspeakable combination of euphoria and peace that flows through you and each one is in its completeness and contrast in the same moment, humming and scattering in your head. It is the Awakening.

What is awakening really?

Awakening is the birth of the spiritual “gene” in the most hidden part of our heart. The transformation we are going through as a soul, it is the process of full awareness of the Higher Being, a process that represents a complete memory.

Awakening is a cognition, the moment when the need for knowledge arises and you are not even aware of that ‘background’ process. Feelings – complete confusion and torpor of contradictions that swirling in the body, a total mood swing, tremendous sadness and absolute happiness at the same time, shaking intuition and inexplicable power flowing through your body.

Like a click within you, not able locate it, but you are aware that it has happened, you have heard and felt at the same time. As if everything was shaken and you felt everybody’s life and sorrow, pain, love and happiness Everything in the world was incomprehensibly overwhelming, in a comprehensive way, totally inexplicable, confusing, awesome and beautiful at the same moment. It is awakening.

The euphoria you feel is happiness, love, connectivity, beauty, kindness in its most humble form, in the form of its beginning, at the time of its birth. From now on you will know and understand the essence of each of these astonishing words. A new, incredible feeling will blossom. A need for balance, for equalization.

All that you are dying for now is to find out, comprehend, realize, and everything will be easy for everyone in a way that will be most acceptable for the beginning of this re-birth through which you are passing because this is literally as if you were infant . But with current awareness, with complete understanding that you were just born. This is as if your past life was yesterday, and today you are a “baby”. A “New” incarnation in this life.

Expect deluge of matching an event with your thoughts, information about your needs to know more. Sincere desires with an unbelievable way of accomplishing, the upcoming love for everything and everyone. You will feel the need to constantly talk about everything you feel. Everyone will think it just happens to them and they are gone crazy.

“Symptoms” Of Awakened Soul

Some of the stages through which you will pass and which will prepare you for each subsequent step to the knowledge, a step towards the Supreme Being:

  • Connecting with other souls;
  • Need for solidarity and unity;
  • Changing some established beliefs;
  • Creating incredible love,;
  • Observing the world like never before;
  • Showing nature’s beauty;
  • Exploring;
  • Feeling light;
  • Understanding the time in a special way;
  • Feeling of vitality;
  • Living in the present moment;
  • Need to reject anything that no longer serves you;
  • Comprehending the program called the ego;
  • Feeling of complete inner power;
  • Forgiveness,;
  • Desire to be alone;
  • Changing the perspective of observation to the situation;
  • Changing the reaction to certain things;

I try to tell you that you’re not insane. Not even close. That’s all just how it should be.

With each new awakening, a soul remembers. Because what you now feel in your body is actually the overwhelming memory your soul has lived for centuries. We awake to make sure we remember who we are.

We awake to break the karma circles. To finally live. To understand the essence and ease of existence. And forgive ourselves, as well as others. We awake to make sure we understand that everything around us, is actually in us.

Each new awakening remembers one soul, because what you now feel in your body is actually the overwhelming memory your soul has lived from everlasting. Let’s make sure we remember who we are.

Our awakening is meant to change ourselves, for that’s the only way to change the world. We need to discover who we are. And recognize ourselves in others. Let’s back home, back to the Supreme Being.

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