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Emotional Hunger – Eating As A Way Of Suppressing

Emotions are the basic driver of our lives, as our car needs fuel to reach from one place to the desired location. Emotion in our body stimulates “energy,” stimulates various physiological processes, but also drives us into certain actions. And that cause Emotional Hunger.

How does emotion arise and why do we need emotions? We are Beings of this world, everything around us represents our world. The entire human race has survived thanks to its ability to adapt to the changes that have taken place. Thanks to this greatest human ability we are breathing, and being.

We are wonderful human beings, extremely intelligent. We may not be aware of this, but we carry this extraordinary ability in ourselves. Our ability to survive in this way, through the ever-creative adaptation of Life, is our greatest capacity we carry in ourselves. Why is this important when we talk about emotions?

How Emotions Work

Our emotions are the answer to the environment around us. When there is a change in our environment, in our life, or we find ourselves in some place, our being interferes through emotions. They do not appear for no reason, each emotion has its own specific role and purpose.

We have learned to distinct two emotion categories: positive and negative. However, if we are doing something for us, can we categorize them in this way? It is better to talk about emotions as adequate and inadequate. Any emotion, when it no longer fulfill its role or when it appears in an inappropriate way becomes inadequate.

During our life and education we learn different skills and acquire more knowledge, but no one teaches us emotional literacy. No one teaches us how to read and more crucial, express emotions. In some families, societies, and some systems particular emotions are forbidden, not desirable, or allowed. Therefore, the emotion needs to be suppressed in order to be adjusted in the environment.

Also, if we need some change in our life, emotions that encourage us to make certain steps will appear. Our change requires from us moving to certain places, leaving some things and situations. It is not easy, nor do we always have enough support, strength and ability to do it.

Food consumption is a good way to deal with such emotions, to dive for a moment, to suppress all the feelings that are not welcomed and send them back to the dark drawer, leave all those emotions that look frightening to us, suppress the energy that appears to make some action or some shift in our life.

Learn To Differentiate Physical And Emotional Hunger

The first step is the very distinction between physical and emotional hunger. Physical hunger always starts in the stomach, occurs gradually, aims to provide the body with energy for daily functioning, not based on specific foods, and disappears when it is satisfied.

Emotional hunger arises abruptly. We are craving for certain foods, not eating it consciously, and still, we have the feeling of guilt.

We need to learn how to deal with emotions, how to read their messages, how to use their strength for their own good. Once we have the consciousness of emotional hunger then we have a choice, then we can act differently. This is an opportunity to work on your emotions, to make some steps in your life, to get to know yourself, to discover the wounds inside you that are still not cured.

Working on your pounds means working on your life and this work brings many blessings and deep insights that change us and make our life more enjoyable and lighter.

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