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Proper Nutrition Makes You More Beautiful!

Did you know that an average woman spends 20 minutes daily for make up? That would be about 330 days of a lifetime. At the age of 16-65, every woman buys beauty products 5 times a year. It is fact that we spend money in order to emphasize and maintain our beauty, but we rarely pay attention to nutrition.

How Proper Nutrition Affects Us?

With proper and regular nutrition, metabolism run faster, the skin is clean, shiny and tight;the body gets rid of toxins and is a lot easier to lose excess weight. People have a misconception about diets. After all, dieting is not a starvation in order to lose weight. It is a proper diet, suitable for your body and therefore not every diet suits everyone. To find the right diet for you, be sure to consult a doctor.

What Are The Key Factors For Proper Nutrition?

You must know which blood type you are (a particular diet is suitable for a particular blood type, it is digested and elaborated more quickly and has more beneficial effects).

Eat local food, fruits and vegetables that grow in your region;

Avoid sugar and gluten as often as possible;

Whenever you can, eat fresh food, not canned;

Never skip breakfast and make sure it contains lots of protein;

Whenever possible, cook the meat boiled, not fried;

Which Dishes Are Most Suitable For Every Blood Type?

Blood type O– low-fat meat (meat that does not contain much fat, such as chicken or game meat) or fish;

Blood type A – vegetarian diet, diet with soy protein, grains and organic vegetables. For the members of this blood type, it is not recommended to frequently consume dairy products;

Blood type B – food with low fat, meat and meat products, home-cooked food;

Blood type AB – seafood dishes with soy flour, milk, dairy products, and homemade food;

Some dermatologists disagree with the association of blood groups and outer beauty.But many studies have proved the opposite. Stress and diet affect not only our health, but also our beauty. There are even diets for cleansing the skin and getting rid of acne.

What Nutrition Is Good For Your Skin And Why?

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato can be easily found in larger markets. It contains beta carotene, which naturally in the body turns into vitamin A. It is a real anti-aging fighter, repairing damaged skin cells and contributes to tissue growth and regeneration. Another way to complement its nutritional value is by consuming carrots, parsley, apricots, melons and pumpkins.


Granular reddish fruit improves the skin. These include not only raspberries,but also blueberries, pomegranates, blackberries, purple grapes, cranberries, and so on. They are natural antioxidants and are anti-acne fighters, so you can often find them as the main ingredient in gel cleanser.


Contains omega 3 fatty acids, which are also essential for glossy and shiny skin. In addition to keeping the skin young and shiny, it contributes to the improvement and equalization of the tone, and is also a natural moisturizer.

Green Salads

Above all, ample with vitamin C. The benefit of this vitamin is that it helps the body to produce collagen (a protein that helps to grow cells and blood vessels, gives them strength and is an ingredient that keeps us young)and contributes to health and vitality. Other sources of vitamin C are also:red peppers, broccoli, strawberries, lemon, orange, papaya, melon … Besides Vitamin C, greenery plants contain vitamins and minerals that contribute to healthy skin and hair. Green salads release skin from toxins and protect against the harmful sun rays.

Chicken Meat

A major factor for beautiful and healthy skin. Proteins in white meat make it healthier than the dark meat. Therefore, consume chicken, and if you don’t like it in your diet, replace it with fish.

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