12 Mistakes You Make During Shower That Harm Your Health

12 Mistakes You Make During Shower That Harm Your Health

According to statistics, we spend about 1,5 year of our lifetime in a bathroom, and about 6 months in a shower. This is not surprising because hygiene is an important part of our lives. But few know that we make many mistakes during shower that can harm our health. Take a look at the most common.

Not Taking A Bath After Exercise

Some people believe that the only reason for showering after exercise is the smell. But there is another reason – perspiration stimulates the growth of bacteria that can cause a rash.So take a shower as soon as possible after exercise.

Shaving Your Legs Before Pedicure

 Do not shave your legs before making a pedicure. It is possible to get an infection through the small scratches on your feet.

Taking A Shower Without Contrast 

Before you finish showering, run cold water for 30 seconds. This will increase your stress reliability,strengthen your immunity and function as an antidepressant. But keep in mind that this contrast can cause insomnia at bedtime.

Shower And Wash Your Hair Daily

People who have thin and weak hair should not wash every day. It is best to wash your hair twice a week for moisture to stay in balance. Also, do not forget that frequent showering irritates and dehydrates the skin because the water removes the good bacteria.This increases the risk of skin infections.

Wrapping Your Wet Hair In A Towel

 When moist, hair is really vulnerable and fragile.To avoid damage, do not wrap the hair in the towel after showering. Also,because of the heat that is generated, the glands on the head are activated more, so the hair may look unclean.

Not Cleaning The Shower

If you use the shower for a long time, you will notice a white sludge on it. This sludge can be hazardous to your health. Scientists found that the showers may have bacteria that causes a variety of lung diseases.

Incorrect Use Of The Soap Container 

If you have a soap container, regularly drain the water from it. Otherwise, the bacteria will begin to multiply directly on the soap.

Leaving The Shaver In The Shower

To prevent the spreading of bacteria on your razor, leave on a towel to dry. Also regularly change the razor.

Using The Same Towel Too Long

Do not use the same towel for a long time. If the towel you use is not completely dry, there may be bacteria on it. It is best to use it 3 times before putting it in washing machine. 

Not Cleaning The Bathtub After Taking A Shower

Do not forget to clean the tub after a shower. The humid environment stimulates the reproduction of bacteria as Escherichia coli. Regular cleaning of the tub can prevent many infections.

Leaving The Sponge Beside The Shower

When you leave the sponge beside the shower, allow the various bacteria to multiply faster. So it is best to clean sponge and keep it in a dry place.

Imprecisely Cleaning Your Feet

Some people do not clean their feet during showering because they think they will clean themselves up with falling water. Unfortunately this is not true if you do not regularly clean your feet might get a yeast infection.

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