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THIS is why COLOR of food is beneficial to health!

Food is not only evaluated by the macronutrients and vitamins it contains but also by its color. The natural colors of fruits and vegetables are not just decorations on our plate and experience for our eyes, they are beneficial to our body, and so to our psyche.

Because of the different positive impact natural herbal pigments have on our health, experts recommend that fruits and vegetables should be picked by color as well. So, an optimal nutrition ratio should be chosen, and eaten five fruits daily, or vegetables in orange, red and green, and two more colors of your choice.

Red protects against cancer and promotes activity

Red varieties of fruits and vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, raspberries, strawberries, and apples are due to the red herbal pigments of carotenoids, especially lycopene, powerful antioxidants that neutralize harmful free radicals that destroy the cells of our organism and thus protect against cancerous diseases.

In addition, red fruits and vegetables reduce cholesterol and stimulate blood circulation and reduce the risk of heart disease and blood vessels, such as atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

It stimulates the metabolism, protects the connective tissue and acts anti-inflammatory, it affects the health of the prostate and protects the skin damaged by sunburn.

Red color is good for people who suffer from anemia as well as for those who are always cold. If you are very tired, red foods will help you get back to normal.

Due to lycopene, red color will protect your heart, a color of chili and tomato that reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer. The useful properties of this food are not only preserved during thermal treatment but can also be increased.

Red foods contain iron needed to form red blood cells and provide energy to the cells.

Red food also helps in finding a positive outlook on life, warming and stimulates activity and creativity.

Add more tomatoes, peppers, raspberries, strawberries, sauerkraut, cherry, cranberry, red plums, red haricot, radish to your diet and you will see positive effects on your body and health.

Orange color protects against harmful UV radiation and depression

Orange, but also yellow fruits and vegetables, carrots, oranges, pineapple, pumpkin, peach, yellow pepper, pear and apple also abound with carotenoids, especially beta-carotene. Orange and yellow vegetables and fruit, besides protecting the organism from the devastating action of free radicals and also maladies, strengthens the immune system and protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation and the body of heart infarction. It particularly benefits the health of our skin whose cells are protected from premature aging.

Orange fruits and vegetables, work against depression with their stimulating colors, strengthen the nerves and help restore the disturbed emotional balance, and yellow favors thought and concentration and is recommended, for example before exam.

Green strengthens immunity

Green fruits and vegetables like broccoli, spinach, salad, peas, moss, kale, apple and pear are rich in green chlorophyll, which also protects against cancerous diseases, especially hormonal species. Green vegetables are rich in folic acid and is unusual for cell growth and regeneration. This is why this fruit and vegetables is important in pregnant women’s diet because it is a condition for healthy and proper development of the nervous system of the child.

Green fruits and vegetables strengthens the immune system, have positive effect on the functioning of the gland and reduce inflammation. Besides, it also has a positive effect on our psyche, soothes, relaxes and reduces anxiety and irritability. In addition, green relieves love pains and gives strength and hope for new beginnings.

Purple color protects the heart and calms (blue, black)

Purple, but also blue and black fruits and vegetables (eggplant, grape, blueberries, fresh figs, currants and plums) also contain bioflavonoids among other plant pigments, which have a positive,manifold and significant effect on the health of our organism. Violet and blue types not only have strong antioxidants, but lower cholesterol and blood pressure, stimulating blood flow and capillary function, and significantly protecting against heart disease and blood flow. They act antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, stimulate the production of insulin in the blood and reduce the secretion of histamine.

Violet and blue juicy and ripe fruits and vegetables relaxes, soothes and stimulates the inner balance, especially in case of aggression and irritability.

The power of purple

Fruits and vegetables of dark red and violet shades are exceptionally healthy. Numerous studies have confirmed that if food is darker and more persistent, it contains more antioxidants. While purple is considered a royal color, blue symbolizes confidence. And when it comes to food, these colors symbolize excellent health.

Groceries with deep purple and blue shades are not only eye-catching, but they are also true treasury of nutrients and powerful antioxidants, such as resveratrol and anthocyanins, from which their intense color is derived.

Foods such as eggplant, red cabbage, plum, figs, grapes and blueberries reduce inflammatory processes and oxidative stress in the body, which means neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals. And today we know that exactly the inflammatory processes are the main triggers for the emergence of the most serious illnesses, such as cancer. These foods are protectors of the health of the cardiovascular and digestive system, and contribute to youthful appearance and vitality of the body.

They also protect against dementia and preserve skin and liver health. Frequent consumption of dark fruit and vegetables will reduce the risk of hypertension, elevated cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

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