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Eat Popcorn More Often-5 Reasons Why!

Every gathering, parties, movie nights cannot be imagined without popcorn. Although many would feel guilt when eating, in fact, popcorn is a great addition to your diet.

Nutritionists often do not recommend popcorn because of the large amount of salt and butter used in their preparation. But if it’s prepared with olive oil and less salty, it can be a very important part of your healthy diet. These are few reasons why popcorn is the right choice.

It Has An Antioxidant Effect

The most important ingredients in popcorn are polyphenols, compounds that protect the blood vessels.

Popcorn Is Fiber Rich 

Cereal grains are a rich source of fiber, and because this variety of corn kernel is obtained from corn grains, when cooked, their nutritional value is not lost. According to studies, an intake of 20 to 35 grams of fiber per day is recommended, and 100 grams of popcorn contain 15 grams of fiber.

Does Not Contain Much Calories

Unseasoned popcorn has a very low caloric value. But the number of calories depends on the way it is  prepared, so you decide how many calories it will be. Thus, in one portion cooked in olive oil without adding butter has about 90 calories, but if you are not careful, the level of calories can increase up to 300.

It Is Sugar Free

Just because of the absence of sugar, the popped corn is ideal as a snack. Cream crackers, chocolates and other sweets can only currently increase your energy level,but also shortly decrease it, which should be avoided in situations where you want to “bluff” your stomach briefly.

Popcorn Absorbs The Beer

This ability belongs to the spongy balls due to the high degree of fiber in their structure. In addition to being a great complement to this sparkling beverage, it reduces the negative influence of alcohol on the digestive system.

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